MogTalk: Episode 142 - STOP SAYING PVP SUCKS

A show discussing the communities perception and what needs to change to make everyone understand PvP doesn't suck.

Season 8 ends Monday, July 2!

Preliminaries for The Feast Regional Championship 2018 Begin July 3rd!

Square Enix announced earlier this morning that the preliminaries for The Feast Regional Championship 2018 will begin on July 3rd!

Check out the official post here:

What does this mean?

It means that Season 8 of The Feast Solo Queue will be ending on July 2nd, and "Dark Week" will last from 6/26-7/2.

We still do not have the fine details on how teams will qualify, but it's safe to assume that it will be based off a seasonal ladder climb, just as Light Party was in Seasons 1 through 4.

This is pretty exciting news, so to kick off the community's celebration of the very first official Championship season...

The Aether Data Center will be hosting a showcase event of some of our top Light Party teams, complete with stream and shoutcasters!

This event will be heldThis Saturday, 6/23 at 10PM EST and will be streamed on the classic Aether Cup channel!

The format will be custom matches - best out of 5. Teams are open to participate and bring in players to fill spaces as needed. Your shoutcasters for the evening will be:

  • Frosty Mogborn
  • Plus One
  • Hurp Durp

This is going to be a hype event that you won't want to miss, no matter what datacenter you're from! See you all on Saturday!

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"We E-sports now bois."

At long last, the very first OFFICIAL, competitive PvP tournament has been announced, and we've got some of the more imporant details from today's E3 Live Letter. It's all pretty straightforward, so we'll get right down to the facts and give our opinions on each piece.

Of course, the Regional Championships will be held at their respect Fan Fests, one for NA, EU, and JP.

While we now have confirmation that the preliminaries will begin in July, we still do not quite know what the preliminaries will entail, or if ALL regions will be competing in July, or just NA (Primal and Aether).

Another exciting confirmation is that ALL members from the top teams are eligible for rewards, so you don't have to worry about excluding the 5th and 6th members of your PvP team.

The important takeaway from this slide is the mention of the prize...

Or lack there of. While the invitation, lodging, and travel expense coverage is a very motivating reward in and of itself, it would be really nice to know what the championship prize will be for the winning team!

For the 2016 Feast Championship, the rewards were:

  • A Feast poster, signed by Yoshi P
  • A Feast Champion T-shirt, signed by Yoshi P
  • A Feast Championship Plaque
  • The in-game rewards was a gaelicap (cute and awesome, but not quite PvP related)

What would we like to see? Personally, I think having a trophy prize both physically and in game would be very cool, and would more than make up for the loss of the Light Party trophy reward that we had back in Seasons 1,2,3 and 4.

We got further information that the preliminaries will take place from early July to mid-August, and that the TOP THREE teams from BOTH Aether and Primal will progress to the semifinals.

Let's disect this information and pull some educated assumptions.

1) Since only Aether and Primal are mentioned, it's probably safe to assume that EU and JP will not be partaking in the same preliminary period as NA. 2) The preliminary period is about the length of the new PvP seasons (5-6 weeks). (Also, we can assume that Season 8 will end around early July or late June.)

The Semifinals will be a round-robin style tournament between THREE TEAMS. It is infered with this statement on the slide that Aether and Primal will be SEPERATE competitions, with two teams from each datacenter being allowed to advance to the finals for their respective datacenter at the NA fan festival.

Will the champions of Aether and Primal get to face off at fan fest? Let's hope so!

This final slide gives us minimal information, but we do have much more information to look forward to! With the Regional Championship site coming in early July, likely alongside the opening of the NA preliminaries, we will hopefully have many of our questions answered regarding elgibility, procedures, and prizes. While Square Enix has stated in the fine print that these things are subject to change, have your fingers crossed that they are figured out soon!

Overall, this was a very exciting announcement for us, as official tournaments have been asked for and talked about since the inception of The Feast (technically, even before that). Many that played and remember The Feast Light Party mode are skeptical of how this will all play out, but with so much on the line, and some new additions to their team, we can be hopeful that the necessary precautions will be taken by Square Enix to ensure the integrity of the competition!

If you don't already have a team, but are looking to give it a try, head on over to one of the two discords listed on the toolbar (Wolf Pup's Den for beginners, Quick Chat for veterans) and head over to the lfg-teamregistration or light-party-lfg channels respectively. Best of luck to all the teams that choose to compete!

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The Wolves' Den Episode 5 Featuring Xy Xx

by Marshal Renew on

The EU community team is going to broadcast their fifth episode of "The Wolves’ Den" on Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 17:00 (GMT) / 18:00 (BST) / 10:00 a.m. (PDT).

Show Details

  • Let’s play! – Frontline and The Feast 4 v 4
  • The Feast Season 7 – Aether/Chaos/Primal Data Centre Final Rankings!
  • The Feast Season 8 – Chaos Data Centre Current Rankings!
  • Introducing PvPaissa – Interview with Xy Xx@Cactuar
  • Giveaway!

The official FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitch channel

Cerberus, Chaos Data Centre

View the official announcement here!

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Wolves Academy: Ep. 1 Line of Sight

by Marshal Renew on

Dynamic Taru, a multi-Diamond player from Chaos, has created a great guide on line of sight. This is episode one in a series he is calling, Wolves Academy. Take notes and enjoy!

Please give your feedback here in the comments or tweet directly to Taru!

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Season 8 Information

by Marshal Renew on

Today the Feast Season 8 begins! The mount reward preview is up, as well as information on how short this season will be... Take note that 4.35 is the end of season 8, so queue up!

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Season 7 Stat Compilation

by Marshal Renew on

Brian Ricardo and JoeG compiled some Feast job stats from season 7. Also, congrats to everyone on sticking through Season 7 and obtaining rewards!

Top 10 Leaderboard Main Jobs


  1. PLD
  2. SCH
  3. SAM
  4. AST
  5. AST
  6. MNK
  7. MCH
  8. PLD
  9. SCH
  10. SCH


  1. AST
  2. SAM
  3. SCH
  4. AST
  5. AST
  6. BRD
  7. MNK
  8. MCH
  9. PLD
  10. PLD


  1. AST
  2. PLD
  3. PLD
  4. WHM
  5. MCH
  6. SCH
  7. PLD
  8. MNK
  9. WHM
  10. NIN


  1. SCH
  2. MNK
  3. PLD
  4. MNK
  5. AST
  6. PLD
  7. PLD
  8. MNK
  9. AST
  10. SCH


  1. SCH
  2. SCH
  3. SCH
  4. PLD
  5. NIN
  6. DRG
  7. MNK
  8. PLD
  9. PLD
  10. SCH


  1. SCH
  2. PLD
  3. PLD
  4. MNK
  5. SCH
  6. PLD
  7. AST
  8. SCH
  9. SCH
  10. DRK

Thanks Brian and Joe! Check out Brian's stream here for a global tour of Feast PvP.

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Light Machinist Guide

by Marshal Renew on

Interested in playing MCH in PvP? Lace has created a video guide that explains some basic dos and don't dos to help beginner MCHs in PvP (regardless of Feast or Frontlines):

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Intentions Regarding the Patch 4.3 PvP Adjustments

by Marshal Renew on

Why were certain changes made in 4.3 you ask? Well, in a world first (not really) SE and their newfound communication with the PvP community has given us some insight into their decisions. Here is the post from SE Community Rep Zhexos on their reasoning:

Our overall policy and intentions regarding the Patch 4.3 PvP adjustments

In order to give each job an equal chance to win, we're making adjustments to job actions based on the win rate statistics we have collected. In addition to this, due to high defensive properties, it often became difficult to actually KO a player. This resulted matches dragging on without any majorly decisive outcome. For this reason, we will be making downward adjustments to the defensive properties to make it easier to KO an opponent when you work together with fellow team members.


In regard to tanks in high-skilled match situations, such as those between top-rated players and team matches, the importance of having a paladin on your team was quite high. With that in mind, we'll be making a downward adjustment to them.

Paladins have strong defensive properties as they have Shield Oath and Cover. This is especially apparent in team matches where it gave paladins a clear advantages over other tanks. For this reason, we have reduced their maximum HP, and also made it so that they're more vulnerable when using Cover or carrying medals.

Similar to PvE, we made Inner Release more intuitive to use. Warriors’ weakness is self-defense, and to compensate this, we will increase the duration of Inner Beast. With the changes made to Inner Release, warriors will be able to spam this action, so while the duration is short, they will be much sturdier against attacks.

Melee DPS

Samurai and ninja were having a harder time winning matches when compared to monk and dragoon; therefore, we will be making positive adjustments to several of their actions. In addition to this, alongside the adjustments made to the defensive properties, we believe the overall effectiveness of the DPS role in a match will increase.

When looking solely at the potency of the three Ninjutsu actions available, Raiton was being used the majority of the time; therefore, we have made adjustments to the potency of Katon and Hyoton. Moreover, Bhavacakra had a longer recast time compared to other melee DPS's high damage actions, and the frequency of burst damage was lower, so we will reduce Bhavacakra's recast time.

Samurai's Sen tended to be used only to execute Midare Setsugekka; therefore, we have increased the potency of Higanbana and Tenka Goken so that these actions have a clearer purpose. Since we're making adjustments to lower the overall healing potency, this will increase the usefulness of dealing pure damage and the importance of DoTs and AoE actions.

Ranged DPS

In regard to ranged DPS, we will be making big adjustments towards caster jobs. Since the CC actions such as Sleep, Tri-bind, and Flunge are tied to the GCD, they had to be used as a trade off against other damage actions. For this reason, we had to make sure the properties of these actions were positive enough that players would use them over other actions. Furthermore, for beginners, determining when was the best timing to use these skills was difficult. We will be replacing these actions with Night Wing, Wither, and Monomachy, which are off the GCD with their own cool down timers, so players will now just need to determine when best to use them.

Black Mage
In our previous balancing adjustment, we decreased the potency of Foul to shorten the potency gap between it and Flare. This lead to a situation where players used Convert to use Foul. Within the ranged DPS jobs, black mages have a high winrate, so we made adjustments to increase the purpose of using Foul and Convert while making sure it isn't just a pure buff.

Red Mage
We have removed the GCD action Flunge, and brought back the highly requested Monomachy with a unique property.


We're reducing the potency of healer's strong healing actions. This adjustment was done to change the current defensive style gameplay into that which focuses more on offense.

The following reasons are why we reduced the potency of actions with high healing potency:

  • With a high-tiered tank and healer, currently there are times where Culling Time reaches five stacks
  • We would like to increase the overall rate of KO to increase the pace in which the outcome of a match changes
  • By reducing the healing potency, it gives meaning to dealing damage outside of bursts


Changes made to the Bind effect
When a bind effect is applied by a PvP action, it will no longer be removed when receiving damage from an enemy. This was done to resolve an issue where bind is applied to an opponent for defensive or offensive purpose but quickly removed by your ally attacking them. For this reason, actions with the bind effect will now be more effective in both offensive and defensive situations for CC. As such, we have made adjustments to their duration.

Regarding adjustments made to Recuperate and the Decreased Damage Taken trait
When compared to the other additional actions and traits, Recuperate and Decreased Damage Taken were too strong, and were the most likely to be chosen among other available actions and traits. For this reason, we'll make adjustments to these two. These adjustments were done to better limit the amount of options that would increase defensive properties fitting with our overall policy, where it becomes easier to KO players.

We ask that our veterans and newcomers give these changes a try once Patch 4.3 lands. As always, be sure to leave feedback on how it feels before/after these changes were made as we're always listening.


Leave your feedback here on the official forum thread.

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Preview of 4.3 Changes

by Marshal Renew on

SE community manager Zhexos posted a new blog entry today that outlines the upcoming PvP changes slated for 4.3.

The Feast

  • Map Adjustment for the Crystal Tower Training Grounds
  • BGM changed for Culling Time
  • HUD Improvements
  • Custom Match (Team Custom Match)
  • Custom Match Party Finder Update
  • Requirements for The Feast (Training) has been changed from "one player" to "one to two players"
  • Changes to the Rating System


  • Daily Challenge and new "system" mount reward
  • Adjustments made to the Borderland Ruins (Secure)

For more details, read the blog entry here.

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Aether League Finals Highlight Reel

by Marshal Renew on

Video editing by Lace Valeria