The FRC & State of PVP - State of the Realm #189

FrostyTV joins us along with two members of the 2018 FRC Champions, Nikoza and Mateo.

Season 12 begins!

The FRC2018 NA Casters, +ONE and Frosty, and the winning team, Synergy Sixx, took the time to answer some questions in a Reddit AMA.

PvP Participation

One question that received a great response was:

Do you think adding more top 100 rewards will actually get more people into feast? Or does Square need to do something else?

Divine Zr replied with his idea to boost PvP participation:


We can agree that Square Enix have already experimented this method based off the top 100 reward mount back from Season 7 & 8. This mount is completely irrelevant to the PvP scene.

SE needs to add more participation rewards. Just look at Rival Wings, it died after everyone claimed their 100 wins achievement (mount reward).

Imagine this method was added into Feast? "Win 200 matches in season XY to receive AN EXCLUSIVE PARTICIPATION reward" (whether it be a mount or gear). Have them change the reward every season and BOOM, people will swarm into Feast.

Making the seasonal reward something tied to winning a healthy amount of games might be better to grow the community. Awesome idea, Divine Zr.

Read the rest of the AMA here:

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Chaos Cup Results

by Marshal Renew on

The Chaos Datacenter held a 10 team tournament this weekend. On Sunday, the final four teams battled for the title of being the best on Chaos.

Congrats to Wasted Potential

Wasted Potential Roster:

VODs (Updated)

Adalric ran the main production in French, while Dan did a great job casting in English.

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Feast 101 Guide: WHM by Frosty Mogborn

by Marshal Renew on

Frosty Mogborn has creating a great beginner guide for aspiring White Mages looking to try their healing hands in the Feast.

Stay frosty!

Suhr's FRC 2018 NA Recap

by Marshal Renew on

Suhr gives us a recap of the Feast Regional Championship North America from his point of view.

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Synergy Sixx, FRC Winners!

by Marshal Renew on

Congratulations to Synergy Sixx of Aether on winning Fan Festival!


-Official Tweet

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FRC 2018 NA Finals Takes Place This Weekend

by Marshal Renew on

This weekend, Amp, bUrself, Synergy Sixx, and Trash Tears will face off to see who is the best Light Party team in North America.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Feast Regional Championship 2018 North American Finals 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (PT)

PvP teams from Aether and Primal fought fang and claw from the prelims to the semifinals, and it all comes down to this! The top teams will battle it out live on stage with commentary from community shoutcasters +One and Frosty. Cheer your favorite team on with vigor as Aether and Primal finally go head to head for the title of our very first Feast Regional Champions!

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Kaposhipi Clarifies Patch 4.45 Changes

by Marshal Renew on

Clément "Kaposhipi" Ruggeri, of the FFXIV EU Community Team, replied in the Summoner Feedback post with information explaining why SMN, MNK, and RDM changes were made.

First of all, the main objective of the PvP action adjustments made in Patch 4.45 was to buff jobs with which it's relatively difficult to win, when compared to other jobs of the same role.


The difficulty of winning as a Summoner is the lack of burst and survivability. As such, it has been decided to adjust the potency of Energy Drain to improve both burst and self-heal.

We are aware that some of you are requesting Tri-bind or any kind of CC ability to be (re-)added, as well as some changes to Bahamut, but for the moment we would like to see how this change to Energy Drain feels. Please try it out and do let us know what you think!

Summoners might not be too happy with these changes as Bahamut bugs do not help the players be consistent with burst. However, the feedback in the OT has been passed on to devs and they can evaluate for a future update.


Wind tackle is the only mobility skill for Monks and although it can be used twice in a row, it has a rather long cooldown. For this reason, it was shortened so that it could be used for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Monk mains will welcome the mobility buff, but the community is unsure if this change will be enough to put them on par with DRG and SAM due to the frequency MNKs can burst. Also, monks are not as durable as their counterparts.

Red Mage

Shorter cast time for Vercure will enable a more usable emergency heal.

Since Red mages have to dive in melee range for their physical/burst combo, its potency has been increased to balance out that risk.

More burst is nice and the shorter cast time helps the red mage support the healer, but a reduced GCD on certain actions and TP reduction on Corps-a-corps and Displacement would be welcome. (See this post)

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Jobs played by the Top 10 Players in Season 10

by Brian Ricardo on

Here is the compilation of the jobs played by the Top 10 Players for Season 10! Players are given labeled jobs that they gained substantial rating with. Special thanks to JoeG and everyone who helped collect the information. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me! - Brian Ricardo


S10 Elemental.jpg


S10 Gaia.jpg


S10 Mana.jpg


S10 Aether.jpg


S10 Primal.jpg


S10 Chaos.jpg


PLD and WAR ended up being even in terms of carry potential in solo Q. WAR offering an aggressive playstyle to the team, and PLD offering a defensive one that many players in solo Q struggle fighting against. DRK had very little representation for the top 10 players this season.

8 players used PLD, 2 players used DRK, 7 players used WAR.


WHM was by far the most common healer to see. Due to the buffs this patch WHM is better in all forms of healing(Raw healing, DOT Healing and Defensive Cooldowns). The only place where AST shines over WHM is DPS contribution and mobility.

5 players used AST, 0 players used SCH, 22 players used WHM.


DRG players had the easiest time climbing the ladders over the other melee DPS. Thanks to it's high pressure and ability to burst very often. While SAM is also a strong melee DPS, the strong suit of being a defensive melee does not offer as much carry potential as raw damage.

2 players used SAM, 9 players used DRG, 2 players used NIN, 2 players used MNK.


BLM and MCH players were the domintant range DPS this season. Those jobs have strong abilities to carry with nightwing and stun gun/blank respectively.

5 players used BLM, 5 players used MCH, 1 player used BRD, 1 player used RDM and 0 used SMN.

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Season 10 Results

by Marshal Renew on

Season 10 wrapped up yesterday and the results are in. Here are the 6 players who took the top spot on their respective datacenters.

Leaders of the Pack for S10

Countess Bathory (Primal) 3020
Panke Cake (Elemental) 2729
Suhr Zarek (Aether) 2680
Black Kagerou (Gaia) 2584
Benediction Come'back (Mana) 2575
Reeka Teeks (Chaos) 2503

Also, congratulations to everyone who hit new personal goals! Good luck in Season 11.

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4.45 Patch Notes

by Marshal Renew on

There were a few PvP changes made ahead of the FRC event that will be taking place at Fan Festival 2018. Season 11 is also going to begin when the servers come back online. We hope you had a productive season 10.


Action Adjustment
Wind Tackle Recast time has been reduced from 30 to 20 seconds.


Action Adjustment
Energy Drain Potency has been increased from 750 to 1,000.

Red Mage

Action Adjustment
Vercure Cast time has been reduced from 1.8 to 1.3 seconds.
Enchanted Riposte Potency has been increased from 1,500 to 1,750.
Enchanted Zwerchhau Potency has been increased from 1,750 to 2,000.
Enchanted Redoublement Potency has been increased from 2,000 to 2,250.
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