The FRC & State of PVP - State of the Realm #189

FrostyTV joins us along with two members of the 2018 FRC Champions, Nikoza and Mateo.

Season 12 begins!

4.41 Divine Benison Change (Updated)

by Marshal Renew on

A hotfix was applied on the 16th of October, 2018, which affects White Mages in PvP.

The cooldown time for the PvP action “Divine Benison” has been increased from 20 to 30 seconds.

Update (19/10/2018): SE Community Manager Clem has made an update in the PvP forums and clarified the reasoning for the change:

Hi everyone!

With the addition of Tetragrammaton and the change to Assize, it appeared that white mages had become a bit too strong, so it's been decided that Divine Benison should be nerfed to balance it all.

With the North-American FRC Finals around the corner, we thought it was crucial to make such a major adjustment as soon as possible, hence the hotfix.

Please do keep us updated regarding white mage and the overall job balance. While balance changes take time and might not be implemented, your feedback is always extremely helpful and appreciated.

Clem over and out.

The highlight from this clarification is that SE has the NA FRC event in-mind when trying to balacne the Feast game mode.

4.41 Job Changes & S10 Begins

by Marshal Renew on

Tuesday we received patch 4.41, which included job changes as well as it marking the start of season 10. The patch's intent is to encourage "more kills". With that in mind, let us go over the changes.

Dark Knight

Action Adjustment
Power Slash Reduction to target's HP recovered by healing magic has been increased from 10% to 15%.
The Blackest Night Recast time has been increased from 10 to 15 seconds.


Action Adjustment
Holmgang Recast time has been reduced from 60 to 45 seconds.


Action Adjustment
Essential Dignity Recast time has been increased from 10 to 15 seconds.


Action Adjustment
Adloquium Effect duration has been reduced from 15 to 10 seconds.

White Mage

Action Adjustment
  • The effect "Reduces Assize recast time by a percentage corresponding to the number of healing Lilies stacked at time of action execution" has been removed.
  • Recast time has been reduced from 60 to 30 seconds.


Action Adjustment
Chaos Thrust Increase to damage dealt has been changed from 10% to 15%.


Action Adjustment
Demolish Increase to damage dealt has been changed from 10% to 15%.


Action Adjustment
Shadow Fang Increase to damage dealt has been changed from 10% to 15%.


Action Adjustment
Yukikaze Increase to damage dealt has been changed from 10% to 15%.
Hissatsu: Soten Recast time has been increased from 5 to 10 seconds.


Action Adjustment
Wither Recast time has been reduced from 60 to 45 seconds.

Adrenaline Rush

Action Adjustment
Aegis Boon Effect duration has been reduced from 15 to 10 seconds.
Raw Destruction Potency has been increased from 8,000 to 9,000.
  • Damage dealt by Adrenaline Rush actions will no longer be affected by increased damage or vulnerability effects applied by other players.

Melo's Job Tier List

Melo is one of the top PvPers in the NA region and has high level experience on every role. On top of that, he is very helpful in the Wolf Pups Den Discord server.

On Monday night he had a nice discussion with Kaze and Suhr about the 4.41 patch changes. Give it a listen here.

Let the KO Fest Begin

The changes, as we predicted in our last article, Patch 4.41 Brings 'Speedier Tempo' to Feast, seem to come from the JP Region's FRC performance.

The JP meta of waiting until Culling... err Danger Time, also most likely inspired this paradigm shift.

The NA and EU regions both try and burst as frequently as possible to reduce the RNG of Culling Time into LB deciding the fate of a match. Expect NA and EU to have a lot of 600 medal games.

Read the full patch notes here.

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Patch 4.41 Brings 'Speedier Tempo' to Feast

by Marshal Renew on

Neha "Ridrina" Nair, from the Community Team, has given us an update on what direction the development team wishes to take The Feast gameplay in.

Game Pace

The dev. team is interested in speeding up the overall tempo of the Feast, thus changes coming forward in Patch 4.4 focus on encouraging more kills to happen throughout a match.

The want for more kills taking place could be a reason that Dragoon was given a buff in the 4.4 patch. There might be more changes coming with the 4.41 patch with buffs to dps in mind.

The JP meta of waiting until Culling... err Danger Time, also most likely inspired this paradigm shift.

Job Balance

The FRC Semifinals shown a spotlight on the popularity on specific jobs, and the dev. team is interested in bringing more of a balance across the board as a result. You will see some more job adjustments in Patch 4.41 so please look forward to it!

As you may have read in Brian & JoeG's article, there are possible job imbalances for certain roles, ie. AST for healers and SAM for the melee role.

The Feast game mode's systems are in a good place, but job balance could use some tweaks. We are looking forward to it!

White Mage Change Reasoning

White Mage in particular has been under-utilized for a few seasons now. The dev. team added Tetragrammaton and removed Benediction in order to align White Mage with the current tempo of the game. They will be especially working on skills and abilities that benefit from the Lily system. Their goal with White Mage is to allow players to manage cooldowns efficiently, without feeling stress of their cooldown system.

With AST being such a dominant healer as of late, the WHM changes have come at a great time to address a possible imbalance.

The Lily system being looked at will appease a lot of White Mage players.

More updates to the under represented jobs will be welcomed by the community. More action will be appreciated by people observing.

Until 4.41 is released and Season 10 begins!

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Season 9 - Jobs played by the Top 10 players

by Brian Ricardo on

Here is the compilation of the jobs played by the Top 10 Players for Season 9! This time we have included all jobs the player used to gain substatial rating with. Special thanks to JoeG, Tee and everyone who helped me make the list. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me! - Brian Ricardo

S9 Chaos.JPG

S9 Aether.JPG

S9 Primal.JPG

S9  Elemental.JPG

S9 Gaia.JPG

S9 Mana.JPG


PLD ended up being the most dominant tank for top 10 players. Due to the lack of coordination in Solo Queue the potential to carry a game with cover is powerful.

8 players used PLD, 4 players used DRK, 3 players used WAR.


AST ended up being the most dominant healer for top 10 players even with the mass usage of SCH in Japanese Datacenters. One of the main reasons is because SCH is a little more reliant on tank support over AST. WHM has the least usage due to it's lack of tools to help, and the relative easy to get overwhelmed if outplayed and over pressured. As per usual healers were the most used role for top 10.

17 players used AST, 13 players used SCH, 4 players used WHM.


SAM was the most used melee this season by far for top 10 players. SAM was also the most used job for top 10 players to alternate to. Many tank and healer plays used SAM this season. SAM has the most carry potential due to amazing defense options but also having high damage. DRG was second with its great pressure. MNK has several weaknesses compared to the other two melee and NIN is one of the least played jobs in the feast overall is why it doesn't see much representation.

12 players used SAM, 5 players used DRG, 2 players used NIN, 2 Players used MNK.


BLM was by far the most dominant ranged job played for top 10 players.BLM high pressure and large amounts of defensive and offensive tools allows it to work well with all party compositions.

9 players used BLM, 2 players used MCH, 1 player used BRD, 1 player used RDM and 0 used SMN.

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Feast Season 9 Results

by Marshal Renew on

Season 9 results were posted this morning. Congrats to the 6 players who took the top spot on their respective datacenters.

Leaders of the Pack

Faye Previn (Elemental) 3152
Aster Sion (Gaia) 2807
Accelerator Xiv (Mana) 2746
White White (Chaos) 2742
Uncle Acid (Primal) 2727
Suhr Zarek (Aether) 2605

Also, congratulations to the beta wolves, hunter wolves, and those who hit new personal goals!

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Melo's Job Tier List & Interview with Trash Tears

by Marshal Renew on

We crossed the streams tonight, but in the end the community has some new content to look back on. Melo and Suhr created a tier list and Korihu and Hurp had a podcast.

Melo and Suhr Meta Rankings


Watch the very well spoken interview here and learn a thing or two from two of the best.

Trash Tears Interview


Watch the interview here.

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SE FRC 2018 Summaries

by Marshal Renew on

The SE community teams have been busy hugging Namazu plushies, getting 4.4 ready for Tuesday, and preparing for Fan Festival. Check out the summaries from each region (they feature gpose captures for each participating team)!



Road to Paris! by Clem


Congratulations again, to all who played this weekend!

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4.4 PvP Job Updates

by Marshal Renew on

The 4.4 Preliminary Notes have been posted this morning. Benediction has been replaced by Tetragrammaton, AST got a quality-of-life change to Benefic, and a few potency increases for DRG, BRD, and MCH.


Action Adjustment
Skewer Duration of additional effect reducing target's attack potency and healing magic potency by 10% has been increased from 6 to 10 seconds.
Jump Potency has been increased from 1,000 to 1,250.
Spineshatter Dive Potency has been increased from 500 to 750.


Action Adjustment
Blunt Arrow Recast time increased from 30 to 40 seconds.


Action Adjustment
Flamethrower Potency has been increased from 500 to 1,000.

White Mage

With the removal of, White Mages now have

Action Effect
Tetragrammaton - **Base recast time of 20 seconds**
- Restores target's HP.
- Cure Potency: 3,500
- Additional Effect: Reduces Tetragrammaton recast time by a percentage corresponding to the number of healing Lilies stacked at time of action execution (at which time the Lilies are removed).
  • 1 Lily: 10%
  • 2 Lilies: 25%
  • 3 Lilies: 50%

Look out for White Mage burst! Assize is getting potency added to it.

Action Adjustment
Assize The additional effect "Deals unaspected damage to all nearby enemies with a potency of 1,000" has been added.


Action Adjustment
Benefic Casting Benefic while under the effect of Abridged will cause Abridged to be applied again.

Here is a link to the full Patch 4.4 Notes (Preliminary).

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FRC2018 Group Play Stats From Brian and Joe

by Marshal Renew on

Brian Ricardo and JoeG have compiled job stats from this weekend's FRC2018 qualifier event.


AST is the most dominant job by far in the current meta.

Job Winners Overall
AST 12 17
WHM 2 4
SCH 1 3


Tanks are very balanced.

Job Winners Overall
WAR 6 10
DRK 5 9
PLD 5 7


SAM is a strong choice for the melee role in the Light Party meta. Mobility being a big reason.

Job Winners Overall
SAM 7 12
DRG 2 4
NIN 0 3
MNK 2 2


BRD is fairly dominany in the LP meta based on the weekend's event.

Job Winners Overall
BRD 6 9
MCH 2 5
BLM 2 5
SMN 1 2
RDM 1 2













Thank you for your continued contributions to the community, Brian and Joe! Be sure to give each of them a follow:

Be sure to check our recap post from the event here.

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FRC Fan Festival Qualifier Results

by Marshal Renew on

This weekend was a busy one for all three FFXIV regions and after the dust settled, Europe and North America have their top four teams. Japan will be holding the remaining decider matches next weekend.

North American Results

Hosted by Ridrina and casted by Frosty and +ONE, the NA event was spectacular. The first Fan Festival of 2018 will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada in mid November. Competing in the semifinals at the event will be:

bUrself vs AMP
Synergy SiXX vs Trash Tears

European Results

Clement and Barboron were in charge of the cast in Europe. After each group played, here are the semifinal matches that will take place in Paris:

Hashtag FreeTaru vs Ugandan Warriors
-no1crs- vs FeelsGladMan

Japan Qualifiers

Next weekend the final three teams will be chosen to compete at the Tokyo Fan Festival event in March 2019. The following three teams have qualified this weekend: Arc-Iris, Dark-Knight, and Outrage.

Congratulations to everyone who has made it to the main event and 'ggwp' to those who competed in the FRC. The production was great as well, 'Nice Job' SE.

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