5.0 PvP: Our Vision

NA FRC finalists and community veterans decided to hold a roundtable discussion on changes they would like to see implemented.

Season 11 will end with Patch 4.5!

PvP Changes - 4.0 Patch Notes

by King Stefan on

The patch notes for 4.0 came out just a few hours ago, and WOW, there are way more changes to PvP than we expected! Not only is there a full revamp to the combat system, but they've also removed several modes, made some horrible design choices, and a few good ones too. Let's get into it.

First up, a small adjustment renaming the two feast modes, likely so that newer players can better distinguish which mode they should be queueing into.

The level cap to be able to participate in PvP has been lowered to 30. Any character that has reached level 30 and has unlocked their job can queue up for ANY MODE. Yes...Even ranked feast. If you thought that the leaderboards were littered with alts and win traders before? Prepare for the Storm.

Let's face it, nobody played The Fold once The Feast came out. The loss of it isn't such a big deal, though it will always have a place in the hearts of those that played it back in the day.

Slaughter has also been removed. While suprising, it speaks to Square Enix's design philosophy when it comes to PvP. There was just way too much killing, and not enough time spent AFK waiting for RNG objectives to spawn.

The Feast (Light Party) has also been REMOVED. Many players have been advocated for the removal of it's rewards, but Square Enix has straight up put it to bed. We have a heavy opinion about this topic, which will be expressed at a later time. For now, just know that events like the Aether Cup and regular team practice just got WAY more frustrating to organize.

Many minor changes here, but some really stand out:

  • Several changes to the way combat works, like the removal of AA, parry, and Crits. This is pretty huge, since now you no longer need to worry about RNG screwing you over.
  • Spells are no longer interrupted upon taking damage. This is a huge deal, and means that CC will likely be necessary to stop healers.
  • The damage penalty on ranged dps was archaic, and we are glad to see it go.
  • Silence is now on the diminishing return (though position displacement abilties, like knockbacks, still have no DR)
  • Oh, Dimishing Returns are gone. Instead, you are now immune from a specific class of crowd control for 1 minute*Tentative-It may be less than 1 minute now, though not confirmed (or longer with the trait). Goodbye, 3-time stun lock!

Something the PvP community has been asking for since The Wolve's Den! New players will now be directed to a beginners guide to spell out the basics of PvP. We have not personally looked at this beginners guide yet, but rest assured it will not outclass the guides on PvPaissa!

This change speaks subtle volumes. Since these are listed as the only modes which do not have EXP tied to them, that means...


Buckle up, pals. Solo Ladder is about to be more chaotic than ever before!

That's it for the new, relevant information. However, there were some good clarifications to changes that have been announced before.

If you didn't already know, each job will be getting a SEPERATE set of actions when in PvP. As stated recently, each job will have 9-12 specifics job actions, in addition to 3 PvP traits and 2 PvP actions. The patch notes provided a few screen shots for us. In this example, we take a look at the monk.

Simple enough, but a good change for new players. The tooltip of your combo abilities in PvP will display all the abilities in the combo. That still doesn't mean people will actually read the tooltips.

A screenshot of the new PvP additional actions. Once we could have them all, but now only two. It will make for some interesting match-by-match decision making.

The PvP traits are about exciting in functionality as they are in name. It is important to note that these are the same across every role and job.

The last large topic was the changes to Adrenaline Rush:

The old "Tank LB" gave 40% reduction for 10s, while this new one gives 25% for 15s. While it may look to be way worse than it's previous incarnation, we will have to wait and see how powerful it is with the rest of the new combat changes.

With Slaughter, The Fold, and Light Party deleted from the game, it's a wonder how this and Shatter survived...

Jokes aside, it is important to note that base HP has been raised in PvP and the damage of this ability has been slightly reduced, meaning it should technically be less impactful than it is currently.

A really good overhaul. The damage is lower, but the additional effect really makes this worth using. Also, it is instant cast! But...

The caster version is better, minus the cast time.

Healer LB took the real hit here. It no longer removes detrimental effects, just CC.

To finish off the round-up of the 4.0 changes, we've compiled a list of the other, more minor changes:

  • PvE actions can no longer be used in PvP areas
  • Players will get a seperate hotbar for PvP
  • When going between PvP and PvE areas, your hotbar will swap automatically
  • The ice in Shatter had it's HP adjusted to facilitiate the changes
  • Secure now uses Adrenaline Rush instead of Limit Break
  • The Character menu now has a seperate look when in PvP areas
  • You can't summon your chocobos in Wolve's Den Pier (ok)
  • The rewards for PvP have been doubled (PvP EXP, Wolf Marks, and Tomestones)
  • Quick chat is still in the game
  • Nice Job!

If you have feedback on these changes, the official forums is a good place to go. We will personally be starting a few feedback topics in the near future, so look out for those!

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Interview: Straigus Reyist

by Marshal Renew on

Kicking off the 'Best of' Interview Series here at PvPaissa, one of the, if not the, top all around FFXIV PvP players on Aether, Straigus Reyist. He took some time to answer a few end of Heavensward Feast related questions.


In Heavensward we had four Feast seasons, which season was the most fun, why?
Season 1 was the most fun for me. It consisted of more higher level players whom were also at the rank they belonged, providing more even and exciting games than the seasons following it. There was also a more steady playerbase pvping at the same time leading to less bs at high rating. Despite wintrading existing in Season 1 as well as the rest, it was at a much smaller scale as far as I’m aware.

Which season was the most challenging, why?
Season 1 was the most challenging.

Season 2 doesn’t exist to me. Season 3 & 4 just turned into timing queues to dodge throwing/useless players (healers), avoiding disadvantages due to the excess amount of alts or players queuing later in the season, and riding the train of alt/late healers for easy climb.

What are your thoughts on the rewards from season to season (Glamour, mounts, minions, housing items, titles)?
I liked Season 1 & 2 gear the most.

Season 3 & 4 mounts, earrings (lul), and minion (lol), are okay at best. I use nothing from Season 3 itself except for glamouring the earring on one job. I don’t really care for the trophies either, we have two in our FC house and I see them trimonthly if that.

What other rewards would you like to see as we head into Stormblood?
I would really like emotes, gear, and status icons that are somewhat flashy/cool for people to notice the achievement. Different Limit Break animations perhaps. I haven't put the most thought into rewards other than that to be honest, they’re just a bonus.


What are your thoughts on individual players using numerous characters on the same datacenter Feast ladder?
I don’t really care for it in solo queue. I’ll just avoid the unfavorable matchups and ride the train up if it arises. That is all Season 3 and Season 4 are.

What are your thoughts on NA players making alts on JP and EU datacenters?
Not my problem lol. Some people I suppose enjoy high ping (rip east coast) or just get the same ping to EU datacenters. eastcoastlivesmatter

Do you think the ability and crowd control changes in Stormblood will lessen the enticement of using unfair tools like ACT for players going forward?
In combination of their being less spammable CC and less buff usage I see ACT being weaker in that sense, but people will still use whatever crutch available to get ahead.

Maps and Tactics

Thoughts on the balance of the two current maps?
Feasting grounds is more balanced mid-field than Lichenweed.

Lichenweed base is more fair than Feast Grounds, but it lacks sufficient line of sighting and the LoS it does have is so lousy. Lichenweed has very tight spots in the middle as well that tends to cause weak positioning and further LoS’ing.

Overall Feasting Grounds is more balanced.

Do you have a favorite map when playing the Feast?
Feasting Grounds.

Thoughts on the addition of the Wolf’s Heart?
Wolf’s Heart is a weird addition. Yes, it helps SMN/BLM comps handle their lack of mp regen. In some cases it feels that it’s a loss if your healer is terrible at mp management and you miss the heart. However, at the same time, It’s such a buff that is only effective for good healers. Less limit breaks and the addition of Wolf’s Heart has certainly led to healers having greater carrying potential.

Any ideas for new additions to the Feast game mode?
Uhh, I don’t like Feast. I'm not sure what can be done to Feast when the problem is the core.

Jobs and Roles

Which job or role plays the biggest part on the Aether datacenter?
Currently, White Mage/Healer.

Which roles have the longest queues? Shortest queues?
Range have the longest queue, and healers have the shortest.

During Heavensward, were all jobs viable in Feast at one point?
Define viable. As far as I’m concerned BRD/NIN have never been viable. They are simply outclassed by their alternatives in factors that actually matter in the Feast.

During Heavensward, which job stood out to you in terms of needing rebalancing (Either buffed or nerfed)?
Monk, all around the best job. Their utility is insane on top of fast burst windows and high consistent damage. Best objective control of the melees. It’s just simply the best that has only got a small nerf to Steel Peak stun duration and Fist of Earth damage reduction.

Paladin stood out as well since it’s just a job that is simply anti-fun. All it does is cockblock and does it too well.

Have any guesses or thoughts on both the RDM and SAM’s initial PvP power level?
SAM high damage, mobile, no utility.

RDM high single target sustained damage, mobile, variable burst, some utility.


What is one bit of advice you could give new players?
Try to be doing something productive every GCD, look at ALL of your abilities, and test what you can do in different modes/the pier/dueling.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Any final words and or shoutouts?
Shoutout to my Free Company, RareX and all of the friends I’ve made through PvP. I’d give a shoutout to Yoshi for the end of ps3 support, however, he also moved the datacenter to the other side of the continent.

I want to thank Straigus for doing the Q&A with us.

He takes the time to watch the #meta channel on the Team Tryhard Discord server, providing guidance to newer players wanting to improve. Definitely one of the most genuine people I met during my time PvP'ing in FFXIV.

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Stormblood: WHM Sneak Peek

by Marshal Renew on

With just over a week to go until Stormblood's Early Access begins, the Square Enix team has released a sneak peek at the White Mage's PvP arsenal.

Oldies, but goodies:

  • Cure
  • Cure II
  • Regen
  • Benediction
  • Assize

Protect is back, but...

What else is new?

The new job gauge system will also have unique effects in PvP as well. For white mage, the healing lilies will reduce the recast time for some of the actions. (Please note this is different in PvE!)

60 second Benediction?! Yes please.

15 second Fluid Aura? Melee will be crying.

A new ability, added in Stormblood, called Divine Benison was also added to the PvP toolkit. Divine Benison creates a barrier around a target that absorbs 15% of their current max HP in damage. Divine Benison uses all of your current lilies in exchange for recast time reduction. Note: This is how it works in PvE, so could be different in PvP!

While the WHM has lost Repose, for crowd control they still have Fluid Aura as you can see in the image above.

Stone III shows up as the only damage dealing spell for the WHM. We are unsure if it does anything more than damage (maybe adds Heavy?). Note: Healer's damage spells no longer require Cleric Stance.

Check out the SE blog for a bit more information on Additional Actions and Traits.

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RIPPVP Events: Seize and Secure

by Marshal Renew on

Noxious Lotus of Goblin and Rest In Peace PVP are looking to host some Frontline events over the next few weekends leading up to Stormblood.

Greetings to all of Aether. Considering the upcoming changes to PvP and those of us that strongly disagree with the upcoming changes. I am assisting with promoting a Seal Rock Sunday from now until release of Stormblood. Secure Saturdays as well.

Please spread the word for those that are interested in getting their Commander's gear or wrecking faces; the choice is yours.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend besides attack giant Ice Tomes, check out our Frontline guides for a refresher!

Then queue up solo or with some friends and enjoy some Seal Rock, and Secure.

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Stormblood PvP: Major Changes

by Marshal Renew on

The Letter from the Producer XXXVI took place with lots of new Stormblood information, including a preview of what is in store for PvP:

Current Issues

  • Level restrictions too high.
  • Too many job actions.
  • PvP != PvE
  • Action Point disparity.
  • Overly complex controls.


People interested in PvP had a huge hurdle to get over in order to try PvP. Not only did they have to get to lv. 60, but also had to rank up to 48 in PvP so they were on equal grounds with veterans. Their solution:

Level Restriction Removal.

  • Any job over lv. 30 can participate.

PvP Attributes Determined by Role

  • Tank/Healer/Melee DPS/Range DPS/Casters
  • Gear affects appearance only.

A lower level requirement could lead to an influx of players trying their hand at PvP and the community could use a larger pool of players.

With gear being visual only, you do not need to worry about undergeared players on your team. WoW recently has done this to make PvP as fair as possible, leaving player skill and coordination as the main focus.

PvE Crossover and Complexity

As PvP is more about coordinating burst and using as many abilities as you can in a small window; players interested from the PvE side of the game also found themselves underperforming with rotations they use in dungeons and raids.

  • All PvP Actions are now PvP-specific
  • Allows for adjustment without affecting PvE balance
  • PvP Hotbars for Each Job
  • New PvP Actions UI
  • 9 actions per job* plus...
  • 2 bonus selectable actions plus...
  • 3 selectable traits

As you enter a PvP zone, your hotbars and actions will change over to PvP-only versions:

Below you can see your Job Actions UI:

The additional actions will come with two selected for you, incase you forgot to set them...

Three traits will also be customizable by the player:

Due to PvP adding even more abilities to people's hotbars, which could be overwhelming for some, jobs (all?) will get new Combo Actions.

  • Consolidated combos free up hotbar space

To make melee's life easier:

  • Direction requirements for melee DPS have been removed
  • Less Complexity = More Maneuverability


  • Stun will probably be limited to Tanks only.
  • CC durations will be toned down.


A lot of people were crying this is the end of PvP, but the changes could very well increase the participation in PvP. Voice your opinions here.

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Aether Cup Tournament Recap

by Marshal Renew on

The second ever Aether Cup, organized by the PvP community, was excellent; kudos to +ONE, Xy Xx, and crew.

If you did not watch the event live, watch the VOD as soon as you have 5-6 hours free. Note: there are event spoilers below.

Aside from only match 5 and beyond having the commentators casting, this event was excellent.

  • Every team was punctual and the event did not have any real delays.
  • There were random prize drawings for viewers courtesy of Team Tryhard.
  • There were 350-400 people at any given time watching the event.
  • The viewers seemed excited and were cheering for their favorite teams/players during the event.


Below are a few Twitch clips grabbed from the event. The full list of clips can be seen here.

Double Kill

Tank Slayer


You Cannot Run From Us

Ava Loves Limit Break

MVP Plays All Tourney


Congrats to Team Primal on the win. They had to fight their way out of the lower bracket vs Team BoxeR.

Final Standings:

  1. Team Primal
  2. Team BoxeR
  3. Team Angelus
  4. Team Elysium
  5. Team Park & RareX
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Aether Cup Light Party Tournament

by Marshal Renew on

The Aether PvP community is hosting a Light Party (LP), 5 team double elimination style tournament this Saturday; May 6th, 2017. Starting at 9PM EST (Sunday 1AM UTC), the organizers would like to invite you to spectate some of the strongest teams on the Aether DC battle it out for champion prestige -and- a professional art comission of the winning team. The event will be both organized and hosted by +ONE and Xy Xx.

Teams Participating:


  • Damaru Damasu
  • General Esudesu
  • Kiri Gaia
  • Last Boss
  • Nex Cross


  • Angelus Demonus
  • Atchh Solo
  • Raiden Gensai
  • Triple Mango


  • Alessandra Floriani
  • Chyea Chyea
  • Kiona Lynaer
  • Mezzu White
  • Nepu Nepu


  • Ava Jinsoku
  • Chaelyn Kim
  • Divine Eureka
  • Koltik Morrel
  • Suhr Zarek


  • Atreus Auditore
  • Exiras Nex
  • Jay Park
  • Maximus Caladbolg
  • Stefan Delumiere

For further info, please visit https://www.twitch.tv/aethercup

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Season 4 Begins with PvP Changes

by Marshal Renew on

With the arrival of the 3.56 patch, Season 4 has begun. There are some job balance tweaks and more.

PvP Actions

White Mage and Machinists got some nerfs.

Monk Buff... Err Nerf

Monks had their Steel Peak stun nerfed.

Dark Knight and Ninja Buffs

Damage bonuses for dark knight and ninja have been increased in PvP encounters.

Adrenaline Changes

  • The amount of adrenaline rush gained from adrenaline kits in the Feast has been reduced.
  • The adrenaline gauge will no longer deplete when incapacitated during Seal Rock (Seize) and Fields of Glory (Shatter) campaigns.

Wolf's Heart Nerf

  • The amount of HP restored by The Wolf's Heart has been reduced.

Mana Please?! Ok!

  • The following quick chat option has been added to the Feast and the Fold: All out of MP!
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PvPaissa Downtime [Resolved]

by Marshal Renew on

Apologies for the downtime. There was a database issue and all of our data was deleted. Sadly my backup was lost and thus I had to take the weekend to try and recreate as much of the data as I could (thank you Google Cache). I have set up daily backups from now on instead of the 'when I remember' to system.

The season three daily data is gone. The forum data was also unrecoverable. Forums, for now, will be disabled till I figure out a better system.

The Frontlines data is slowly updating back into the database. I will add an option to view older Feast seasons data (hopefully before S4 begins). Right now the site is waiting for the S4 data to start rolling in within the next few weeks.

Season 4 is coming soon, and with it a few new features will also arrive at the site, starting with an action point calculator.

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Celebrating Team Tryhard's First Birthday!

by Dark Falz on

To celebrate Team Tryhard's first birthday and a gift to all our members who helped us to get to where we are today, we’re doing a giveaway!

The prizes are as follows;

  • 1st prize is (1) FFXIV Stormblood Collectors Edition Digital Code
  • 2nd Prize is (1) FFXIV Stormblood Digital Code
  • 3rd Prize is (1) 60 Day Timecard & (1) Fantasia!

The only rules is you must be a member of the Team Tryhard Discord to join which you can find on the sidebar if you’re not already a member!

The winners will be announced on our birthday which is 3rd of April!
Enter here: https://goo.gl/forms/2757ThtR5wgwQxZj1

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