4.41 Divine Benison Change (Updated)

A hotfix was applied on the 16th of October, 2018, which affects White Mages in PvP.

The cooldown time for the PvP action “Divine Benison” has been increased from 20 to 30 seconds.

Update (19/10/2018): SE Community Manager Clem has made an update in the PvP forums and clarified the reasoning for the change:

Hi everyone!

With the addition of Tetragrammaton and the change to Assize, it appeared that white mages had become a bit too strong, so it's been decided that Divine Benison should be nerfed to balance it all.

With the North-American FRC Finals around the corner, we thought it was crucial to make such a major adjustment as soon as possible, hence the hotfix.

Please do keep us updated regarding white mage and the overall job balance. While balance changes take time and might not be implemented, your feedback is always extremely helpful and appreciated.

Clem over and out.

The highlight from this clarification is that SE has the NA FRC event in-mind when trying to balacne the Feast game mode.