Basic Guide and Tips to the Feast 4v4: Boxes

Now updated for 4.3!


An often overlooked part of the Feast are the adrenaline kits and the Wolf’s Heart. You should learn when these boxes spawn and try to make it a habit of winning them for your team!

The team that does more damage to the boxes will claim the contents of it, not the one that gets the final hit. Overkill damage does count though, so don't think that once you have the box down to 45% that it's yours for sure.

A common mistake is using melee limit break on the boxes. Don't.

Adrenaline Kit

The adrenaline potion gives you 25% of your adrenaline gauge. This is usually given to the melee as their limit break is very powerful. At the last stretch of the match, a tank might take it if you are in the lead and want to gain a limit break to play defensive. Bear in mind that since it only provides 25% of your adrenaline gauge, if you are at very low gauge at the end of the match you should call it out to let your teammates know so they may pick it up and make use of an LB instead.

Two adrenaline boxes spawn twice in each match near the center of the arena.

The first set of boxes spawns at 4:30 remaining in the match.

The second set of boxes spawned at 1:30 left in the match.

Wolf's Heart

The Wolf's Heart gives you a buff that gives you increased MP and TP regen as well as increased movement speed. This is practically always given to the healer as the MP regen gives them a lot more leeway with their healing and lets them throw out more powerful heals more often and, if they are sore on mana, not run out and kill the team. The increased movement speed is also beneficial to help them get enemies off their backs.

One wolf's heart box spawns in a match in the center of the arena.

It spawns at exactly 3:00 remaining in the match.