Basic Guide and Tips to the Feast 4v4: Medals

Now updated for 4.3!


Summing it up, the goal of the mode is to have more medals than the enemy team by the end of the match. Getting 600 medals will give you the win immediately. Each time someone dies, they drop half of their medals.

The more medals you hold, the more damage you take. This is called Heavy Medal.

The less medals you have, the less damage you take. This is Light Medals. Additionally, each role has a maximum limit to how many medals you can hold. Tanks can take up to 4 stacks, melee up to 3, ranged up to 2 and healer up to 1 stack.

When medals are dropped, you can see specifically how many have dropped in the chat box. It will show a message such as "Fname Lname of the Fangs dropped 50 medals."

Distributing Medals

Since you take extra damage when holding medals, the distribution of these medals is an important factor in a match.

Typically, the tank should pick up the first stack of medals to get to 2 stacks, as they are the best at handling the damage.

After that you want to spread it around the DPS. Healers will want to avoid taking them if possible, because a single stack can be dangerous for them and if a healer goes down, its very likely the rest of the team will go down with them.

If someone had died and thus has less medals, having them pick up medals would be best rather than someone else taking additional damage.

The medals stay on the floor for about 10-15 seconds so don't panic if they aren’t immediately picked up.

Taking more than 2 stacks is a death sentence. Unless you are a tank. But let other members pick up medals before going for a 3 stack.

This HUD allows you to see in game the team's medal totals, how much each member has, and the time remaining in the game (or the beginning preparation). The information on medals is especially important since you want to be able to keep track of who has what and how much which will allow you to make informed decisions on targets and tactics and who on your team should pick up the next medals from a kill.

Note that the star ★ denotes which team you are on/which player is you on the list. So in the above screenshot, you can see that I am on Team Fangs and am the Scholar.

Disconnect Medals - Honor and You

When someone disconnects, or leaves the match, all of the medals they held will drop to the ground. You can quickly tell if the medals on the floor are from a disconnection if you see someone on the scoreboard has 0 medals.

There are a lot of different views on how to handle medals from disconnections, or even if you see someone standing still assuming a disconnection or the disconnecting icon.

Most members of the community will halt the match out of respect for the person disconnected to wait until they come back. But may resume and end the match if the person does not return in a minute or so. Sometimes, if it's clear the person isn't coming back, players will try to coordinate outside of the game in order to organise medals to force a draw.

There is nothing strictly against the rules from collecting medals from disconnections, but it is typically frowned upon. If you wouldn’t want to lose because someone picked up your own DC medals, it’s probably a good idea not to pick up other people’s DC medals.