Basic Guide and Tips to the Feast 4v4: Tips

Now updated for 4.3!

To start off, if you are new to the Feast, I highly recommend going to the official Feast page on the FFXIV website. This page includes all of the basics you should know about how the mode functions. I will be proceeding assuming you are familiar with the contents of the page.

Important Tips

  1. Sustained damage is less important in this mode. This mode is more about burst. You want to maintain decent sustained damage to keep pressure on the healer, but ultimately dealing lots of damage in a short time frame is what will get you kills.
  2. Besides just burst, you also need to try to coordinate damage with your teammates. Tanks should CC and help follow up damage. You can do this better with quick chat commands like "Attacking role" and "Hello" as well as countdown macros. These will be expanded on in the communication section.
  3. Check all your skills! A lot of abilities function differently in PvP compared to their PvE counterparts. You only have 9 unique class buttons, and knowing what each does and how to make full use of each is important.
  4. Did your teammate die? Retreat back to base to regroup. This is especially important if the teammate who died is your healer, but you may want to do so as well even if it was a DPS who died as you are still going 3v4 unless you're sure you're about to get a kill. The additional pressure of being one teammate down may stress your healer and tank's resources.
  5. Knowledge is power. Try to read up or try different classes yourself in the wolves den pier to see what they do, and what you might want to look out for. This will give you an idea on what your enemy and your teammates can do and can help you to adjust accordingly. Also make good use of the enemy and party team frames so you can gather information like if a buff has been used, debuffs applied, the amount of TP or MP players have, and stuff like CC resistance.
  6. Don't sit on the same enemy for too long. If you keep on hitting the same opponent, it becomes easy for the healer since they only need to worry about healing that one target- in addition, if that person retreats far back, you risk going in too deep and Line of Sighting your own team. Change targets depending on the situation, but don't forget about point 2 with coordinating targets with your team.
  7. Kite. If you are being wailed on, don't just sit there and take it. Pop your defensives, pop your Bolt (if you have taken it) and run. If you just sit there and take the full thrashing, your healer can't keep up. However you must also be aware of your healer's and tank's positioning, taking care not to line of sight them or out range them!
  8. Individual players have different playstyles. You'll tend to run into the same people in the mode and over time you will come to recognise players you often play with. Remembering their general playstyle, habits good or bad, and behaviour will help both with cooperating with them on your team and handling them on the enemy team.
  9. Don't give up! Fight for the full 6 minutes! This mode is heavily built around comeback mechanics. Heavy medals and light medals, and the medal system in general, makes it possible to take back a game at the last minute even if it seems bleak. Don't give up! Remember, this is a ranked game mode and everyone wants to win. Do your best!
  10. PvP has a steep learning curve and you will lose while you are learning. Don't be discouraged if you don't immediately get results. It is important to keep practicing, keep on analyzing yourself, and work to improve yourself each match. If possible, recording or streaming matches so that you may review it afterwards or ask others for help is extremely beneficial.