Feast: Burst, Communication, and Opportunity

With chat having been removed for many seasons now, the community has had to get creative and come up with our own systems to communicate with our teammates. Originating from the Japanese Data Center, the current communication methods involve the following: Understanding the role meta, communicating you are ready to burst, using a countdown macro, and other advanced tactics when comfortable.

The Default Meta

If you are the melee player, by default, you’re in charge of marking an enemy target and calling for burst. Try your best to build up your mini bursts every 30-45 seconds to keep pressure on the enemy. Take into account that your ranged teammate will have to be in range for the best outcome (ie, do not mark targets too far away).

As a ranged player, do your best to be ready for the countdown by building up your burst and then looking for positioning where you are safe to attack from. Black Mages can also look to help crowd control the support players just before firing off their burst.

During the burst countdown, as the tank, you can either look to help burst with the dps, or you can crowd control the enemy support players. Also, if you feel the situation is right, try and time a stun on the marked target so they cannot escape your team’s focus fire.

As a team, syncing your damage with your teammates will be your best chance for scoring a kill. In PvP, burst damage is everything. Burst will force out cooldowns and relieve pressure from your team.


The PvP chat “Hello” message, when used during battle, is used to communicate that you are ready to burst a target.

If you are the shot caller in the group (defaulted to melee) and your teammate tells you “Hello”, that means they are ready for your countdown.

The Macro

/mk attack1
/mk attack5 <t> <wait.1>
/mk attack4 <attack5> <wait.1>
/mk attack3 <attack4> <wait.1>
/mk attack2 <attack3> <wait.1>
/mk attack1 <attack2> <wait.1>

Note: Before you use this macro, to give your team an audible queue, we highly suggest using the “Everybody attack!” PvP quick chat command.

What does the macro do?

Add a simple 5-4-3-2-1 countdown to your target, it will also remove the 1 from whoever is marked previously when its used. After using the macro on the burst target, you can actually switch off the target, and it will still countdown. Use this often to continue to apply pressure with coordination.*

- Wolf Pups Den: Useful Macros for Feast 4v4 PvP

Note: If you use ANY other macro during the countdown, it will cause the countdown to stop.

Advanced Gameplay

Some casters prefer to do the shot calling (countdowns and marking focus targets). Study your allies habits and start to adapt your playstyle to mesh with individuals you have played with before. Pre-communicating via Discord (or a linkshell etc) can prevent any confusing communication issues you might run into during a match. Post game communication will also work for the next time you are paired.

If no one takes charge of shot calling, it will be an uphill battle for your team. Even making questionable calls is better than making no calls. The current version of the game requires the dps to work together to score kills.

If you are in charge of marking targets, the tactic of a ‘hot swap’ can throw off the enemy support players:

As an example, start by attacking the tank a bit while the countdown is marked on the melee. As the countdown nears <1>, swap to the melee with enough time to land your burst as the <1> appears over your focus target. It might catch the enemy off guard as they support the tank.


The best way to improve is to work as a team and communicate. Figure out how to incorporate “Hello”, “Everybody attack!” and a countdown macro into your current keyboard binds.

After you get the hang of it, you can perform more advanced countdowns that catch the enemy off guard. You also may wish to create a cancel burst macro and tell your team to “Fall back!” in a situation in which the target is no longer a proper target. Then quickly choose a new target to focus down.