The Feast: Heavy Medal Edition (4.2 Edition)

Most people new to the game mode have trouble with the Feast's medal system. This article will help you quickly understand how medals work and how to prevent yourself from making a game losing mistake by dying with too many.

Half of Your Medals

Coming straight from the game guide by SE:

”Players that have been defeated by a member of the opposing team will drop half the medals in their possession."

Which also means, the person you kill will drop 50% of the medals they are carrying.

Who to Focus

Use the match progress display window as it is useful for knowing who to target! I’ve seen too many people close it at the start of a game and then make bad targeting decisions during the match. Unless you are keeping track of the medals counts in your head, find a place for this UI element so you can make game winning decisions as a match unfolds.

*As of 4.2: The number of medals a player possesses will also be displayed to the right of their name.

Damage Stacks Up Quick!

As of the 4.2 patch, each role has a cap on how many medals it can carry.

Role Maximum Medals
Tank 200
Melee 175
Ranged 150
Healer 125

The 10 stack days are gone. Here is the new chart for damage taken vulnerability:

Medals Possessed Stack Vulnerability Up
101 to 125 Medals 1 5%
126 to 150 Medals 2 10%
151 to 175 Medals 3 15%
176 to 200 Medals 4 20%

The Medal Meta

Advanced tactics aside, the meta for picking up medals in general is as follows:

  • Tanks can carry up to 2 stacks max (1 is preferred!) and they should shift into tank stance when being focused.
  • Non-tanks having 1 stack, if the tank is already at 1-2, is necessary, but those players will be very vulnerable.
  • If it can be helped, healers should NEVER get a heavy medal stack, as a healer death can easily snowball into more subsequent deaths.
  • If you have died, look to pick up the next safe set of medals.

    ... at the highest level of play, you will probably maintain a healthy lead by strategizing your kills and pickups in a way so that the tank never goes over 2, and everyone else never gets 1. - K'uso Watashi

As the game plays out...

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does our tank have 2-4 stacks?
  • Will picking up the next medals cause me to gain stacks?
  • How much time is left?
  • How confident am I that our team can handle the extra medal burden?
  • Who on the enemy team has extra stacks?


I hope this article was beneficial. If you have anymore tips to share, post them in the comments below!

Good luck, have fun!

Updated on Thursday February 15, 2018