The Feast World Cup Champions: bUrself

Months of planning, preparation, and training by the global PvP FFXIV community was concluded last night as we have crowned a Feast World Cup Champion.

bUrself vs CrimeWolf

bUrself have been competing in every community tournament available after their loss during the North American FRC event. Not only that, but they have went on to win. Dominating the Aether League and a Chaos Cup victory in EU. Now, coming into the Feast World Cup as the odds-on favorite based on their recent victories, bUrself wanted to make sure they concluded this event with a win.

bUrself’s first road block came in the form of CrimeWolf.

CrimeWolf had a hard fought road to the finals, having to qualify in a pool of over 20 teams in the Japanese Regional Qualifiers.

CrimeWolf's healer Panke, the highest rated Feast player of season 13, led his team to a series victory in the Main Event: Group Stage versus bUrself.

Fast forward to last night, after an epic comeback in game one of the Winner’s Final, bUrself went on to sweep 2-0, giving themselves a chance to rest before the Grand Final matchup versus either CrimeWolf or Z†Fanclub.

CrimeWolf shut down Z†Fanclub’s chance of redemption in a swift 3-1 victory, earning themselves one more chance at taking the majority share of the $2,215.69 prize pool.

bUrself wasted no time in swarming CrimeWolf with pressure during game 1 and quickly took the 1-0 lead.

Game 2, however, played out differently as CrimeWolf took control and fought hard throughout the entire game, tying the series at 1-1. In game 3, CrimeWolf retained their control over the series... at least until the last few minutes. bUrself coordinated a much needed late game kill, giving bUrself the momentum and a 2-1 lead in the series.

Going into what would be the final game of the night, bUrself maintained a commanding lead and sealed their victory after a Terminal Velocity was landed on CrimeWolf’s 3-stack tank.

Congratulations to bUrself on a great victory! Throughout Stormblood, bUrself has proven themselves the most dominant LP team.

GG WP to all the teams who competed and shout out to those who contributed to the event via time, energy, or by chipping in to the prize pool.