The Feast World Cup: Main Event Group Results, Plus

The final eight teams in the world are set to clash this upcoming weekend. The group stage completed Saturday evening with four teams from Japan and four teams from North America.

Group Stage Results

The top two teams from each group qualified for the final bracket stage.

Group 1

  1. CrimeWolf
  2. bUrself
  3. Trois Pourcents

Group 2

  1. Gangster Inn
  2. Suboptimal
  3. A-Pork-Calypse

Group 3

  1. Sfidante
  2. Lester and Friends
  3. Who?

Group 4

  1. Z†Fanclub
  2. Insert Name

Main Event Bracket Opening Round

The event will be double elimination.

CrimeWolf vs Suboptimal
Sfidante vs Insert Name
Gangster Inn vs Lester and Friends
Z†Fanclub vs bUrself

Main Event Bracket Schedule

PvPaissa and friends will be holding the conclusion to The Feast World Cup this weekend over two days:

  • May 24 North America@6 PM PDT / May 25 Japan@10 AM JST
  • May 25 North America@6 PM PDT / May 26 Japan@10 AM JST

You can watch in English on the main PvPaissa channel:
You can watch in Japanese on the secobdary PvPaissa channel: