FRC Fan Festival Qualifier Results

This weekend was a busy one for all three FFXIV regions and after the dust settled, Europe and North America have their top four teams. Japan will be holding the remaining decider matches next weekend.

North American Results

Hosted by Ridrina and casted by Frosty and +ONE, the NA event was spectacular. The first Fan Festival of 2018 will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada in mid November. Competing in the semifinals at the event will be:

bUrself vs AMP
Synergy SiXX vs Trash Tears

European Results

Clement and Barboron were in charge of the cast in Europe. After each group played, here are the semifinal matches that will take place in Paris:

Hashtag FreeTaru vs Ugandan Warriors
-no1crs- vs FeelsGladMan

Japan Qualifiers

Next weekend the final three teams will be chosen to compete at the Tokyo Fan Festival event in March 2019. The following three teams have qualified this weekend: Arc-Iris, Dark-Knight, and Outrage.

Congratulations to everyone who has made it to the main event and 'ggwp' to those who competed in the FRC. The production was great as well, 'Nice Job' SE.