Interview: A'oshane Taru

Chaos’ most dominating Feast player in Heavensward goes to A'oshane Taru. Taking the Lone Wolf Trophy home in Seasons 1 and 3; he also was near the top or atop the boards in seasons 2 and 4. He took some time from enjoying his final days of the Feast in Heavensward to answer some questions for us.


In Heavensward we had four Feast seasons, which season was the most fun, why?
For me, Season 1 was the most fun because it was something new and fresh to discover. It was also the beginning of the race for ranks and felt more exciting, more challenging and more rewarding. Ranks were hard to achieve and not any player could get gold+ ranks. Also, I personally got to know a lot of amazing players in that season.

Which season was the most challenging, why?
Season 2. Winning matches was extremely difficult, or rather, very dependent on RNG since Gold+ ranked players could be matched with unranked players! And I'm sure most of those players have seen the "Look who's Coming to Dinner I" achievement pop up in chat when they started the match. Having a new player or two made matches really challenging and I'm pretty sure that Season 2 wasn't the best experience for most players.

What are your thoughts on the rewards from season to season (Glamour, mounts, minions, housing items, titles)?
Personally, the glamour rewards from season 1 and 2 were much better than the mount rewards from season 3 and 4. However, I felt that the top 10 rewards were lackluster, especially in season 3 and 4 where the minion wasn't exclusive and could be obtained through achievements anyway. I feel that this takes something away from being proud to be in the top 10.

What other rewards would you like to see as we head into Stormblood?

  • Different titles
  • Including lower tier rewards. For example, if you achieve Gold rank, you should also get the title reward for Silver and Bronze ranks.
  • Changing who can be a PvP mentor. It doesn't make sense that someone who's never PvP'd before is able to become a PvP mentor. Players in the top 10 could become mentors and enable a chat similar to the Novice Network, except for PvP.


What are your thoughts on individual players using numerous characters on the same datacenter Feast ladder?
Sometimes high ranked players want to try out jobs other than their main and I think it's best for them to try it out on an alt. The problem is that high ranked players that suddenly switch to jobs they're not familiar can make games unbalanced and other players can complain about this, so I think starting this new job from unranked on an alt is the best option. However, another problem is that having two characters in the ranking page is unfair for other players who are aiming for the top 100. I personally made that mistake in season 1 and avoided it in other seasons. On another hand, if SE implemented an unranked feast mode, it would allow players to try out different jobs without the need of making an alt.

What are your thoughts on EU players making alts on JP and NA datacenters?
I have no problems with it. I had characters on NA and JP and learnt a lot from the meta there. It can be a lot of fun with different playstyles, and alts from different regional datacenters can keeping the queue alive.

Do you think the ability and crowd control changes in Stormblood will lessen the enticement of using unfair tools like ACT for players going forward?
Yes, I do. However, I think ACT can be made completely useless if SE decides to have the combat logs completely inactive/hidden in a feast match.

Maps and Tactics

Thoughts on the balance of the two current maps?
To achieve balance on both maps, I think the following should be done to Lichenweed:

  • Expanding the area.
  • Increasing the travel distance between adrenaline boxes.
  • Adding more walls or trees.
  • Adding an extra entrance/exit to the bases.

Do you have a favorite map when playing the Feast?
I prefer The Feasting Grounds map. The Lichenweed map feels tighter and more limiting when it comes to kiting since there are only 2 walls and 2 trees and also the bases only have 1 entrance/exit unlike The Feasting Grounds.

Thoughts on the addition of the Wolf’s Heart?
I liked the addition of Wolf's Heart, the only 2 downsides I think are the duration of the buff and the timing of it. It plays a big factor on determining the match, given that it can be up for the last 3 mins of the match.

Any ideas for new additions to the Feast game mode?

  • Implementing new maps.
  • Adding an unranked feast mode for experimenting jobs or doing matches casually.
  • Weekly decay of rating if inactive.

Jobs and Roles

Which job or role plays the biggest part on the Chaos datacenter?
Monk, Machinist. Those 2 jobs have so much potential, not only in Chaos datacenter. Monk's defense style and power to remove buffs and also their ability to spam silence with Arm of the Destroyer. Machinist’s ridiculous damage and crowd control with silence, heavy, bind, stun and knockback.

Which roles have the longest queues? Shortest queues?
Shortest: Healer/Melee.
Longest: Ranged.
Not sure about tanks.

During Heavensward, were all jobs viable in Feast at one point?
I believe all jobs have always been viable in feast. I've seen really good players pick a low tier job and shine with it.

During Heavensward, which job stood out to you in terms of needing rebalancing (Either buffed or nerfed)?
Monk and Machinist had far more potential than other jobs when it comes to crowd control, they needed nerfing, or other jobs needed buffing.

Have any guesses or thoughts on both the RDM and SAM’s initial PvP power level?
From a PvE point of view, both jobs look really strong. SAM have very high potency skills whilst RDM can quick cast spells which could potentially be a quick burst. However, with the changes in PvP to skills, I personally have no clue how strong these jobs will be, we'll have to see shortly.


What is one bit of advice you could give new players?
Look into guides of the mechanics of The Feast, such as:

  • How to handle medals
  • Timing of boxes
  • Familiarizing with quick chat macros.
  • Learning your job role

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Any final words and or shoutouts?
3.0 PvP has been a blast, it's been a rollercoaster of a journey with some highs and some lows, but what really makes PvP great are the people that play it. And with that, I'd like to mention just a few names.

EU: Reiku Seraphia/Aqua Rain: Not only are they great Astrologians, they are so friendly to play feast premade with and their ability to carry my Summoner without wolf heart is astonishing ;)

Yu Len: I've had horror matches against him in season 1 and sadly he wasn't around much in season 2 and 3, but I'm very glad he came back to the game in season 4. (whispers hello...)

Zegram Xiv: For reviving feast in season 1, if not for him, I wouldn't have gotten diamond that season. EU's Accelerator Xiv.

Thana Rah'thazel/Dacien Darlett/Tamor Zonvolt: Despite the fact that they are amazing players, their streams were the best to watch for me.

D'an Lyehga: It was really fun premading with Dan, he's a really chill guy and one of the reasons premade feast was still alive.

Oni Fujin/Erandel Windseeker/Naxam Naekovu/Commander Justitia: Thanks to those Monks, I was having the hardest time surviving their pressure, but it was always amazing getting matched with them though :P

Thunder Volt/Ami Prower: Sneaky burst Machinists, Matches are mostly determined when you see them.

Mei Misaka: An amazing White Mage, The most likable player of the datacenter, we still miss her in feast.

Katniss Ane’ko/Haki Haki/Ku ji/Twiiss Il: Best feast premade group this datacenter ever had, I'm very honored to have played against them.

Abbas Furnas: Dark Knight of the datacenter, The guardian of the ant queen as he likes to be called.

Cool Boy: A lala that is so cool.

NA: Aviars Lightsworn: One of the best White Mages that I’ve seen, thanks for keeping queues alive across 3 datacenters and for streaming most of your matches since season 2.

Andre Duilio: The most determined/persistent Healer ever, having the most number of matches ever done in a season, much respect o7.

Nothurp Durp: I'm pretty sure most people know him. All I can say is we need a Hurp in EU.

Miyuki/Uncle/Koltik/Rum/Tieria/Poliantha/Tiramisu/Eureka/Momiji/Rei: I am very grateful I got to know them, some of the top players I have personally encountered in NA.

There are others I might have missed but you know who you are ;) ♥