Introducing Team Reverie

The PvP community is looking to make 2019 its most ambitious year yet for content creation and with that comes Team Reverie. They are looking to change the general community outlook towards PvP into a more positive one.

Team Reverie is a Final Fantasy XIV focused group of individuals who are truly passionate about PvP. Our goal is to show the entire Final Fantasy XIV community that PvP is truly an amazing aspect of the game. Each member is extremely proficient and very knowledgeable of the game. Having been in the top 10 of the The Feast 4v4 leaderboards and participating in the North American Feast Regional Championship, there will always be someone with great information to share!


Melo Arkwind

Team Reverie Leader, FRC Finalist, content creator, and one of the top rainbowing players in NA.

Brian Ricardo

Tank and range player, one of the communities most watched PvP streamers, FRC Finalist, and member of the #2 team in North America.

Divine Zr

Feast Regional Champion of North America, melee and ranged player, and all around dashing guy.


Check out the website to read more and find out how you can support the members of Team Reverie!