Jobs used by the top 10 players! Season 10

Here is the compilation of the jobs played by the Top 10 Players for Season 10! Players are given labeled jobs that they gained substantial rating with. Special thanks to JoeG and everyone who helped collect the information. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me! - Brian Ricardo


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PLD and WAR ended up being even in terms of carry potential in solo Q. WAR offering an aggressive playstyle to the team, and PLD offering a defensive one that many players in solo Q struggle fighting against. DRK had very little representation for the top 10 players this season.

8 players used PLD, 2 players used DRK, 7 players used WAR.


WHM was by far the most common healer to see. Due to the buffs this patch WHM is better in all forms of healing(Raw healing, DOT Healing and Defensive Cooldowns). The only place where AST shines over WHM is DPS contribution and mobility.

5 players used AST, 0 players used SCH, 22 players used WHM.


DRG players had the easiest time climbing the ladders over the other melee DPS. Thanks to it's high pressure and ability to burst very often. While SAM is also a strong melee DPS, the strong suit of being a defensive melee does not offer as much carry potential as raw damage.

2 players used SAM, 9 players used DRG, 2 players used NIN, 2 players used MNK.


BLM and MCH players were the domintant range DPS this season. Those jobs have strong abilities to carry with nightwing and stun gun/blank respectively.

5 players used BLM, 5 players used MCH, 1 player used BRD, 1 player used RDM and 0 used SMN.