MogTalk's Second PvP Interview

FFXIV team members Naoki Yoshida, Hikaru Tamaki, and Sota Moriguchi granted FrostyTV a PvP-themed interview regarding esport competitions, cross-datacenter play, pvp participation and more.

Question from FrostyTV:

Is there anything about the current Feast mode that you and your team are looking to change after watching the FRC?

Answer from Tamaki:

We feel that the matchmaking function is top priority when it comes to making improvements. The addition of dancer in 5.0 makes for six ranged jobs total, when including the magic ranged DPS jobs. It is concerning to us as well that this will make matchmaking harder for ranged jobs.

We are still in discussion on how exactly we will fix this issue, but we would like to be open minded with a broad range of options, such as making it into a role-free system along with improvements made to the rules, or trying new rules outside of the 4v4 system with a new matching algorithm.

On top of that, from the rules’ perspective of The Feast, there are the issues of high responsibility for healer jobs, the difficultly in understanding the rules surrounding medals, the unfairness that you feel towards the heavy medals and light medals, how the winning team stalls the other team right before the timer runs out… etc. There really is no end if we start listing up the things we want to fix, but we do understand there are many areas we can improve upon.

We will continue to investigate what we should do to address these issues.

Great work as usual by Frosty! Please read the full interview.