Patch 4.41 Brings 'Speedier Tempo' to Feast

Neha "Ridrina" Nair, from the Community Team, has given us an update on what direction the development team wishes to take The Feast gameplay in.

Game Pace

The dev. team is interested in speeding up the overall tempo of the Feast, thus changes coming forward in Patch 4.4 focus on encouraging more kills to happen throughout a match.

The want for more kills taking place could be a reason that Dragoon was given a buff in the 4.4 patch. There might be more changes coming with the 4.41 patch with buffs to dps in mind.

The JP meta of waiting until Culling... err Danger Time, also most likely inspired this paradigm shift.

Job Balance

The FRC Semifinals shown a spotlight on the popularity on specific jobs, and the dev. team is interested in bringing more of a balance across the board as a result. You will see some more job adjustments in Patch 4.41 so please look forward to it!

As you may have read in Brian & JoeG's article, there are possible job imbalances for certain roles, ie. AST for healers and SAM for the melee role.

The Feast game mode's systems are in a good place, but job balance could use some tweaks. We are looking forward to it!

White Mage Change Reasoning

White Mage in particular has been under-utilized for a few seasons now. The dev. team added Tetragrammaton and removed Benediction in order to align White Mage with the current tempo of the game. They will be especially working on skills and abilities that benefit from the Lily system. Their goal with White Mage is to allow players to manage cooldowns efficiently, without feeling stress of their cooldown system.

With AST being such a dominant healer as of late, the WHM changes have come at a great time to address a possible imbalance.

The Lily system being looked at will appease a lot of White Mage players.

More updates to the under represented jobs will be welcomed by the community. More action will be appreciated by people observing.

Until 4.41 is released and Season 10 begins!