Patch 4.55 Changes Explained, Plus S13

Clément "Kaposhipi" Ruggeri, of the FFXIV EU Community Team, left us a post today that explains why certain changes were made in 4.55. He also confirms Season 13's start date.


With respect to the win-rate/power balance between the three jobs, we are now convinced that it is safe to have all three tanks with the same HP. As such, paladins' HP have been increased from 14,500 to 15,000, and Warriors' HP have been reduced from 15,500 to 15,000. Tanks were the only role that had a HP difference between jobs but they now go under the same rule as the other roles.

Tanks are arguably the most balanced of the four roles in PvP. With the health pools being evened out and an expansion worth of tweaks to each job, Season 13's tank players should be comfortable playing their best job.


Considering the balance between the three healer jobs, the recast time for some actions has been adjusted for scholars and astrologians. Shortening the recast time for Eye for an Eye will make fast burst attacks more manageable in the current meta, while shortening the recast time for Lightspeed will allow more self-defense and higher MP efficiency.

Throughout the Stormblood life cycle, the healer meta has been a battle between Astrologian and White Mage; leaving the Scholar job lacking in play time. In yet another attempt to "buff Scholar" and ahead of Season 13, Eye for an Eye's cooldown has been lowered to 30 seconds.

The Astrologian job, while competitive throughout Stormblood, was given a shorter cooldown on Lightspeed. This change provides mana saving and mobility for fans of the Astrologian during Season 13.


We have buffed monk with respect to the power balance with other melee jobs. By shortening the recast time for Riddle of Fire and Earth, they have become much more convenient both from offensive and defensive perspectives. Although monks still have a hard time in terms of mobility when falling back, we feel these buffs are sufficient as a counter-measure.

More Monk buffs that may not get the job more play time in Season 13 due to the power of mobility. Here's hoping those who love the Monk job will get the results they expect!

Season 13, When?!

With the Feast (ranked) being on preseason until the start of Season 13 coming with Patch 4.57, we feel now is a great time to try out these adjustments! :D Let us know what you think of them, and of any other feedback you may have - as usual!

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