PvPaissa Downtime [Resolved]

by Marshal Renew on

Apologies for the downtime. There was a database issue and all of our data was deleted. Sadly my backup was lost and thus I had to take the weekend to try and recreate as much of the data as I could (thank you Google Cache). I have set up daily backups from now on instead of the 'when I remember' to system.

The season three daily data is gone. The forum data was also unrecoverable. Forums, for now, will be disabled till I figure out a better system.

The Frontlines data is slowly updating back into the database. I will add an option to view older Feast seasons data (hopefully before S4 begins). Right now the site is waiting for the S4 data to start rolling in within the next few weeks.

Season 4 is coming soon, and with it a few new features will also arrive at the site, starting with an action point calculator.

Posted in News on Mar 22, 2017



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