PvPaissa Moving Forward

With 2019 well underway, PvPaissa and the Wolf Pups Den have merged into one.

Hi @everyone! Won’t be a surprise to all, but we are now officially the PvPaissa discord server! If you aren’t familiar, https://pvpaissa.com/ is focused on all things XIV PvP and has been around for a while now. Since they have similar goals and visions as us, we’ve decided to merge!

If you're not already a part of our Discord server, please feel free to join.

What is planned?


We are almost finished with our new layout for the website. Hopefully the website will be less cluttered from a user standpoint. Hopefully we can get the finishing touches done asap.

Also, because we will be working with some of the top PvPers in the west, the guides section will be more relevant than it has been... My bad!