Reddit AMA with Synergy SiXX (FRC Champions), Frosty & +ONE (FRC Shoutcasters)

The FRC2018 NA Casters, +ONE and Frosty, and the winning team, Synergy Sixx, took the time to answer some questions in a Reddit AMA.

PvP Participation

One question that received a great response was:

Do you think adding more top 100 rewards will actually get more people into feast? Or does Square need to do something else?

Divine Zr replied with his idea to boost PvP participation:


We can agree that Square Enix have already experimented this method based off the top 100 reward mount back from Season 7 & 8. This mount is completely irrelevant to the PvP scene.

SE needs to add more participation rewards. Just look at Rival Wings, it died after everyone claimed their 100 wins achievement (mount reward).

Imagine this method was added into Feast? "Win 200 matches in season XY to receive AN EXCLUSIVE PARTICIPATION reward" (whether it be a mount or gear). Have them change the reward every season and BOOM, people will swarm into Feast.

Making the seasonal reward something tied to winning a healthy amount of games might be better to grow the community. Awesome idea, Divine Zr.

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