Seal Rock (Seize)

Hello everyone my name is Tiax Blood. I decided to write this guide for the frontline mode Seal Rock (Seize) which is one of the most popular modes currently in PvP.

Goal: Earning Allagan Data

Allagan Data can be obtained via Tomeliths and Kills. You win the game upon reaching the maximum Allagan Data (points) 800 (72man) or 500 Points (24man).


If you enter Seal Rock for the first time you will notice objectives called “Tomeliths”. Each tomelith awards a certain amount of Allagan Data (points) per tick depending on their rank. Furthermore, the only way to capture a tomelith is to interact with them via clicking on them. Below you can see the difference between each Tomelith (S, A, and B):

Tomelith Point Values

  • S Rank 200 Points over 150 seconds (4 points per tick)
  • A Rank 120 Points over 120 seconds (3 points per tick)
  • B Rank 80 Points over 120 seconds (2 points per tick)

Note the duration only counts down when a team controls the tomelith.

Tomelith Rules

  • Spawn locations are random.
  • The first set of tomeliths will spawn 30 seconds after the match starts.
  • The max amount of active tomeliths pre 10:00 mark is 4 (72 player) or 3 (24 player).
  • The max amount of active tomeliths post 10:00 mark is 3 (72 player) or 2 (24 player).
  • The rank of each tomelith is random.


You can also earn points from killing the enemy team’s players.

  • A kill awards your team 5 points.*
  • A death subtracts 5 points from your team.*

* - The point value earned/lost is higher if the player has battle high/fever.


You will not win every match, even if you and your team play perfectly, due to the three way tug of war. That being said, here are some guidelines you can follow to increase your chances to win.

Map Awareness

If possible, always have your map open. If that is not possible, check it frequently. Knowing where to be and what is coming at you is very important.

High Ground

Using high ground when it’s available to your team is always a good idea and can make or break the game. Make use of knockbacks when you have control of, or want to take control of, high ground positioning. Likewise, be careful you do not stand where you can easily get knocked off.

It can be difficult telling the difference what is high ground or not on the map. The starred tomeliths marked below designate high ground locations.

Avoiding the 1v2 Sandwich

If you have the choice, there is no benefit to fighting on two fronts. In such cases where you are forced between two enemy teams, abandoning the tomelith and pulling out becomes the priority. Remember that deaths cause your team to lose points. You can avoid the majority of these situations if you have your map open and spot a bad flank incoming.

The tomelith in the middle of the map is the biggest culprit of getting flanked on both sides, so be careful when controlling it.

In my opinion, avoiding being sandwiched by two teams is one of the most difficult things to avoid with a random team.


There is only one way to reduce enemy points and this is to kill the enemy team. Even if a fight does not look necessary, it may be the best decision strategically. Usually, you will either be fighting the team with the most points or the team who currently controls the most tomeliths.

Don't let one team farm the other one, even if you have all tomeliths captured. The team farming kills will gain Battle Highs/Fevers and they will build up adrenaline for being in a battle. Make them fight on two fronts or run from you and the team they were farming.

Adrenaline Rush

For those who have not played PvP in Final Fantasy XIV before, Adrenaline is basically your own personal Limit Break.

If you are a melee try to get your Adrenaline Rush off as soon as possible so you can start charging up another Adrenaline Rush.

Casters should consider making a macro to inform your team that your adrenaline is ready to use. Caster Adrenaline Rush is always best to use right after you have bound a large group of enemies and sync it with other casters/ranged (can use macros for this as well). Coordinated casters can easily wipe out multiple parties in extreme cases so don’t waste it on single targets.

Healer and Tank Adrenaline Rushes should be used to counter the caster/ranged Adrenaline Rushes.

Committing to a Battle

Be committed to what you and your team decide. Fighting together as one unit will give your team the highest potential at overtaking the enemy. Healers try not to leave your team short handed.

Do not fight for an almost empty tomelith. You can check how much data is left on a tomelith by hovering your mouse over the tomelith on the map. If the tomelith is around 20%-25% it might be wise to score a few last kills and back off in preparation for the new spawns incoming.

Final Thoughts and Suggestions

Listen to your team when someone is trying to lead in alliance/party chat! Being on the same page is always better than doing your own thing.

I'm not telling anyone what they exactly have to do since you want to have fun too right? But you should still be playing as a team. Thanks for reading and have fun in Seal Rock /o/