Jobs used by the top 10 players! Season 11

Here are the jobs played by the players who reached top 10 in Season 11! This list shows what they used to reach there spots, Left is Main job, Right side are alternate jobs that they gained at least 500 rating on. This list is mostly to show what jobs done well in Season 11 and maybe have the best carry potential for there respective Data Center. BIG thanks to JoeG for gathering information and reaching out to the Japanese community, could not do these list without him. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me on my discord! - Brian Ricardo


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Aether Final S11.JPG


Chaos S11.JPG


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Elemental S11.JPG


Gaia S11.JPG


WAR was the most common tank this season. As the "Fast Pace" nature of feast keeps increasing every patch, the ultility of butcher block and ranged/gap closer stun become more and more powerful compared to what other tanks offer.

WAR made it on the list 10 times, PLD made it 6 times, DRK made it 4 times.

Tank S11.JPG


WHM was the dominant healer this season. Being able to regen filler damage, mitigate limitbreak, and force people to switch targets with protect outweight the benefits that the other two have to bring currently.

WHM made it on the list 20 times, AST made it 3 times, SCH made it 0 times.

Healer S11.JPG


DRG players had the easiest time climbing the ladders over the other melee DPS. Thanks to it's high pressure and ability to burst very often. DRG is also less impacted by CC compared to the other melee due to have many ranged abilities, and elusive jump which removed bind.

DRG made it on the list 11 times, SAM made it 3 times, MNK made it 3 times, NIN made it 2 times.

Melee S11.JPG


Range DPS outside of SMN has a balance on the top 10 list. While the numbers of range DPS is consitantly low due to having the least carry potential AND longer queue times. The overall balance of the range DPS is balanced compared to the other roles.

MCH made it on the list 4 times, BLM made it 3 times, BRD made it 3 times, RDM made it 2 times, SMN made it 0 times.

Range S11.JPG