Season 4 Begins with PvP Changes

by Marshal Renew on

With the arrival of the 3.56 patch, Season 4 has begun. There are some job balance tweaks and more.

PvP Actions

White Mage and Machinists got some nerfs.

Monk Buff... Err Nerf

Monks had their Steel Peak stun nerfed.

Dark Knight and Ninja Buffs

Damage bonuses for dark knight and ninja have been increased in PvP encounters.

Adrenaline Changes

  • The amount of adrenaline rush gained from adrenaline kits in the Feast has been reduced.
  • The adrenaline gauge will no longer deplete when incapacitated during Seal Rock (Seize) and Fields of Glory (Shatter) campaigns.

Wolf's Heart Nerf

  • The amount of HP restored by The Wolf's Heart has been reduced.

Mana Please?! Ok!

  • The following quick chat option has been added to the Feast and the Fold: All out of MP!

Posted in News on Mar 28, 2017



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