Season 9 - Jobs played by the Top 10 players

Here is the compilation of the jobs played by the Top 10 Players for Season 9! This time we have included all jobs the player used to gain substatial rating with. Special thanks to JoeG, Tee and everyone who helped me make the list. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me! - Brian Ricardo

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PLD ended up being the most dominant tank for top 10 players. Due to the lack of coordination in Solo Queue the potential to carry a game with cover is powerful.

8 players used PLD, 4 players used DRK, 3 players used WAR.


AST ended up being the most dominant healer for top 10 players even with the mass usage of SCH in Japanese Datacenters. One of the main reasons is because SCH is a little more reliant on tank support over AST. WHM has the least usage due to it's lack of tools to help, and the relative easy to get overwhelmed if outplayed and over pressured. As per usual healers were the most used role for top 10.

17 players used AST, 13 players used SCH, 4 players used WHM.


SAM was the most used melee this season by far for top 10 players. SAM was also the most used job for top 10 players to alternate to. Many tank and healer plays used SAM this season. SAM has the most carry potential due to amazing defense options but also having high damage. DRG was second with its great pressure. MNK has several weaknesses compared to the other two melee and NIN is one of the least played jobs in the feast overall is why it doesn't see much representation.

12 players used SAM, 5 players used DRG, 2 players used NIN, 2 Players used MNK.


BLM was by far the most dominant ranged job played for top 10 players.BLM high pressure and large amounts of defensive and offensive tools allows it to work well with all party compositions.

9 players used BLM, 2 players used MCH, 1 player used BRD, 1 player used RDM and 0 used SMN.