Tournament Updates: Rising Stars and The Feast World Cup

Upcoming tournaments, The Rising Stars and The Feast World Cup, have released new information.

Rising Stars

Eternal Arcadia and the lovely Rising Stars Staff, have been finalizing the details for the upcoming Rising Stars light party tournament.

Super excited to see the newly formed teams compete on March 1st, 2019 for the title or Rising Stars champions! Tune in on to cheer on the newcomers and their mentors and join us in the PvPaissa discord

Teams in the tourament include:

  • Primal Alts (led by Heartorias Smol)
  • Team Quick Chat (led by Destiny Seeker)
  • Succ (led by Mayu Mae)
  • Bread (led by Xyrantion Rose)
  • Meme Team (led by Garflex Conjurer)
  • Looking for Scrims (led by Rocky Southpaws)

Please tune-in this weekend to see the Rising Stars of North America put their practice to the test versus the other up-and-coming Feast All-Stars.

The Feast World Cup

An update on The Feast World Cup was made this weekend by Kaze.

On the topic of registration:

PvP Team sign-up deadline has been extended to April 12th, 2019. Register now to secure a spot!

The prize has been announced. A trophy, a minimum of $1,000 USD, and whatever is contributed into the crowdfunded prize pool (now using a 'pool system' for transparency!).

If you enjoy the community events, please show your support by tuning in and cheering for the teams.