Update: P-R-M: ACES !-  -! PVP League

ACES PvP League is a community held Final Fantasy XIV PvP Tournament hosted every Last Saturday of the month by Crystal Data center North America. Matches well be streamed LIVE on Twitch by its members.

Team ACES thanks you for your support !-_-!
Our goal is to host IRL Esports PvP contests.

Every Last Saturday Night of the month WIN MOG house prizes, ACES T-Shirts, and GIL in game by competing in PvP tournaments 5pm PST!-_-!

Invite to tournament:


  • First Place = Mog Station Prize, ACES T-Shirts
  • Second Place = Mog Station Prize
  • Third Place = 500k GIL in game


  • Each team must have at least 4 players and a max of 6 players on the roster.
  • Tank, Healer, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS compositions.
  • All matches will be held at the Crystal Tower Training Grounds map.

It is recommended to have your extra members, whom are not playing, stream to make the event successful. Each team can have its own core members switch out to stream or shoutcast hype thier own team. All Streamers will be added to our Main Event site for Cross Promotional Publicity (CPP) !-_-!


  • Every Last Saturday Night of the month !-_-!