Your Garo Guide

Garo event is finally upon us! This guide will walk you through all the steps and details you need to know to get those amazing gear and mounts! Let's start things off with how to start your Garo adventure...

Disreputable Priest, Wolves' Den Pier (X: 5.0, Y: 5.3)

There are 17 achievements in total for Garo. 13 achievements require you to show the disreputable priest a full set (excluding accessories) of a jobs gear including the weapon. 3 achievements (mounts) which you can only start working towards when you gain a title from getting the job achievements and 1 achievement for collecting every set.

The prices of gear are as follows:

Wolf Marks Gold Saucer Points
Weapon 4,000
Head 2,000
Body 4,000
Hands 2,000
Waist 1,000
Legs 4,000
Feet 2,000
Accessories 1,000

Gaining a full set excluding accessories costs 18,000 wolf marks. Square has increased the gains of Wolf Marks from playing Feast; winning a match will gain 500 (prev. 300) and loosing will gain 250 (prev. 150). Don't forget to complete the PvP section of your challenge log and do your Frontline roulettes for even more marks! If you're wondering about going for all the gear, it will cost 247,000 marks (excl. accessories).

Once you have your full set, got your achievement and title you can now start going towards those mounts! There is three mounts in total, the requirements are as follows:

  • Fatal Feast: Win 30 times in Feast (Solo, 4v4 or 8v8)
  • Frontline Fury: Win 10 Frontline matches
  • Furious Fatalities: Win a combination of 60 matches in Frontlines and Feast

That's 60 wins you need in total, which shouldn't be too hard if you have a good attitude and keep at it! Please remember YOU MUST equip your title while participating in Feast/Frontlines or else your win won't count towards to achievement. Don't forget to enable to Frontline Freelancer option to gain faster queues!

If you need any help in your hunting, please don't hesistate to check the wonderful guides posted here at PvPaissa or join us on Team Tryhard Discord Server where you can gain extra help!

See you on the battlefield!