Feast: Burst, Communication, and Opportunity

Posted in Feast, News on Mar 13, 2018

With chat having been removed for many seasons now, the community has had to get creative and come up with our own systems to communicate with our teammates.

Season 7 Reward and Start Date

Posted in News on Mar 08, 2018

The PvP community was not sure if the new season would start with the 4.25 patch, however today it was confirmed. Season 7 will commence on Tuesday, March 13, with Patch 4.25 and will introduce several action adjustments.

The Wolves’ Den Episode 3 Broadcast

Posted in News on Feb 12, 2018

The EU community team is going to broadcast their third episode of the European PvP Stream "The Wolves’ Den" on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 10:00 (PST).

Aether League Season 1 Finale VODs

Posted in Aether League, News on Feb 01, 2018

If you were unable to watch the Aether League Finals or wish to rewatch the event, we have created a few vods for you.

ECF Win Aether League Season One

Posted in Aether League, News on Jan 26, 2018

Congratulations to ECF for winning the first season of the Aether League. They performed extremely well throughout the season taking first place in the regular season.

Aether League End of Season Cup

Posted in Aether League, News on Jan 24, 2018

The Aether League regular season has [concluded]. The top 8 teams participating in the Season One Championship are...

New Discord Server for "Pups"

Posted in News on Nov 27, 2017

Join the Wolf Pups Den if you are new to PvP and looking to improve.

Aether League Portraits: Interview with Scyn Sovereign

Posted in Aether League, Interview, News on Nov 11, 2017

<p>This <em>Aether League Portraits</em> series wouldn't be complete without an interview from the man behind the League. Scyn Sovereign has been working on this project for months after having the initial idea - since then, the concept has gone through changes, as has the PvP in FFXIV at large, but on the eve of the official Aether League start date, we can take the time to look back and be proud of what was accomplished. For the 5th and final installment of the series, Volene had the chance to meet with Scyn to talk about the creation of the league, his expectations of it then and now, and his partici...</p>

Aether League Portraits: Interview with Xy Xx

Posted in Aether League, Interview, News on Nov 08, 2017

<p>Also known as Mateo, Xy Xx is one of the most versatile members of the community. Having participated in all modes as a player, he also played a support role in community events and will keep this going in the Aether League. Volene had the chance to benefit from his unique insight and ask him a few questions for the 4th installment of <em>Aether League Portraits</em>.</p> <p><strong>Volene: Hi Mateo! I wanted to start by saying thank you for accepting this interview, it’s really nice of you.</strong></p> <p>Xy Xx: Thanks for doing this! Super entertaining to read and see all the different insights.</p> <p><strong>Q: Thank you! So, could you st...</strong></p>

Aether League Portraits: Interview with Angelus Demonus

Posted in Aether League, Interview, News on Nov 03, 2017

<p>As far as the PvP community goes, few players are more renowned than Angelus Demonus. Known for such things as soloing PotD and enemy tanks alike, hosting the largest known PvP illegal immigration network on Aether, and proudly causing team wipes since 1872, the iconic Summoner gracefully accepted Volene's invitation to take part in our <em>Aether League Portraits</em> series. This third interview aims to show Angelus's outlook as a team leader and Light Party veteran.</p> <p><strong>Volene: First things first, thank you for accepting this interview, it’s much appreciated!</strong></p> <p>Angelus: Of course!</p> <p><strong>Q: Just to start us of...</strong></p>