Aether League Portraits: Interview with Angelus Demonus

Posted in Aether League, Interview, News on Nov 03, 2017

<p>As far as the PvP community goes, few players are more renowned than Angelus Demonus. Known for such things as soloing PotD and enemy tanks alike, hosting the largest known PvP illegal immigration network on Aether, and proudly causing team wipes since 1872, the iconic Summoner gracefully accepted Volene's invitation to take part in our <em>Aether League Portraits</em> series. This third interview aims to show Angelus's outlook as a team leader and Light Party veteran.</p> <p><strong>Volene: First things first, thank you for accepting this interview, it’s much appreciated!</strong></p> <p>Angelus: Of course!</p> <p><strong>Q: Just to start us of...</strong></p>

Aether League Portraits: Interview with Ice Phoenix

Posted in Aether League, Interview, News on Oct 28, 2017

<p>The second installment of our <em>Aether League Portraits</em> series takes us elsewhere entirely. While, ultimately, community events and tournaments like the Aethercup and the Aether League are all about high-level play, there is a lot of work that takes place behind the scenes in order to make them happen. Organization, branding, increasing interest, viewership and participation are all vital parts of any successful event.</p> <p>With that in mind, we sought out Ice Phoenix for our next interview. Having been involved in the PvP community for years, she has taken on a lot of the aforementioned support w...</p>

Aether League Portraits: Interview with Nex Cross

Posted in Aether League, Interview, News on Oct 23, 2017

To kick off this interview series, Volene had the chance to interview Nex Cross, a dominant player and one with a strong case as the best Monk in the game throughout Heavensward. After he took Aether's top rank in seasons 1 and 3 solo queue, Nex hasn't been seen much in Feast outside of his participation in the Aethercup tournament, but he will return to compete in the Aether League alongside team ECF.

4.1+: Rival Wings, End of Feast Season, and Aether League

Posted in Aether League, News on Sep 02, 2017

Prepare yourselves, patch 4.1, The Legend Returns, will be coming in early October. The new PvP 24v24 content will be locked until 4.15, so grind out your last bit of Feast rating first! When 4.1 hits, you will be able to reunite with your friends, who may have server transferred at Stormblood launch, with the new cross-world tool.

Introducing the Aether League

Posted in Aether League, News on Jul 09, 2017

When cross server custom matches become available, Scyn and Mateo plan on running a Feast League here on the Aether datacenter. Slated for 4.1, we want to give everyone a heads up so they can form teams and practice.