Chaos Cup Results

Posted in Feast, News on Dec 02, 2018

The Chaos Datacenter held a 10 team tournament this weekend. On Sunday, the final four teams battled for the title of being the best on Chaos.

Feast 101 Guide: WHM by Frosty Mogborn

Posted in Feast, News, White Mage, Wolf Pup's Den on Nov 28, 2018

Frosty Mogborn has creating a great beginner guide for aspiring White Mages looking to try their healing hands in the Feast.

Suhr's FRC 2018 NA Recap

Posted in Feast, News on Nov 27, 2018

Suhr's FRC 2018 Recap.

Kaposhipi Clarifies Patch 4.45 Changes

Posted in Feast, News on Nov 08, 2018

Clément "Kaposhipi" Ruggeri, of the FFXIV EU Community Team, replied in the Summoner Feedback post with information explaining why SMN, MNK, and RDM changes were made.

4.45 Patch Notes

Posted in Feast, News on Nov 04, 2018

There were a few PvP changes made ahead of the FRC event that will be taking place at Fan Festival 2018.

4.41 Divine Benison Change (Updated)

Posted in Feast, News, White Mage on Oct 15, 2018

A hotfix was applied on the 16th of October, 2018, which affects White Mages in PvP

Patch 4.41 Brings 'Speedier Tempo' to Feast

Posted in Feast, News on Sep 28, 2018

Neha "Ridrina" Nair, from the Community Team, has given us an update on what direction the development team wishes to take The Feast gameplay in.

Melo's Job Tier List & Interview with Trash Tears

Posted in Feast, News on Sep 16, 2018

<p>We crossed the streams tonight, but in the end the community has some new content to look back on. Melo and Suhr created a tier list and Korihu and Hurp had a podcast.</p> <h2>Melo and Suhr Meta Rankings</h2> <p><img src="" alt="melo-suhr-podcast.jpg" /></p> <p>Watch the very well spoken interview <a href="">here</a> and learn a thing or two from two of the best.</p> <h2>Trash Tears Interview</h2> <p><img src="" alt="interview-trashtears.jpg" /></p> <p>Watch the interview <a href="">here</a>.</p>

4.4 PvP Job Updates

Posted in Feast, News on Sep 14, 2018

The 4.4 Preliminary Notes have been posted this morning. Benediction has been replaced by Tetragrammaton, AST got a quality-of-life change to Benefic, and a few potency increases for DRG, BRD, and MCH.

FRC Fan Festival Qualifier Results

Posted in Feast, News on Sep 08, 2018

This weekend was a busy one for all three FFXIV regions and after the dust settled, Europe and North America have their top four teams. Japan will be holding the remaining decider matches next weekend.