Basic Guide and Tips to the Feast 4v4: Boxes

Posted in Feast, Wolf Pup's Den on Jun 22, 2018

An often overlooked part of the Feast are the adrenaline kits and the Wolf’s Heart. You should learn when these boxes spawn and try to make it a habit of winning them for your team!

Basic Guide and Tips to the Feast 4v4: Medals

Posted in Feast, Wolf Pup's Den on Jun 22, 2018

Summing it up, the goal of the mode is to have **more medals than the enemy team** by the end of the match. Getting 600 medals will give you the win immediately. Each time someone dies, they drop half of their medals.

Basic Guide and Tips to the Feast 4v4: Tips

Posted in Feast, Wolf Pup's Den on Jun 22, 2018

Feast tips from the Wolf Pups Den.

Wolves Academy: Ep. 1 Line of Sight

Posted in Feast, News, Video on Jun 11, 2018

Dynamic Taru, a multi-Diamond player from Chaos, has created a great guide on line of sight. This is episode one in a series he is calling, Wolves Academy. Take notes and enjoy!

Season 8 Information

Posted in Feast, News on May 29, 2018

Today the Feast Season 8 begins! The mount reward preview is up, as well as information on how short this season will be...

Season 7 Stat Compilation

Posted in Feast, News on May 24, 2018

Brian Ricardo and JoeG compiled some Feast job stats from season 7. Also, congrats to everyone on sticking through Season 7 and obtaining rewards!

Feast: Burst, Communication, and Opportunity

Posted in Feast, News on Mar 13, 2018

With chat having been removed for many seasons now, the community has had to get creative and come up with our own systems to communicate with our teammates.

Thana's In-Depth PvP Healing Guide (Patch 4.06)

Posted in Astrologian, Feast, White Mage on Sep 13, 2017

<p>Thana, one of the top healers on the Chaos data center across many seasons, has just put out an exceptional, in-depth guide to PvP healing. This guide is relevant as of Patch 4.06, and covers just about everything there is to know about playing the healer role.</p> <p>In his guide, Thana doesn't just go over the fundamentals, such as UI layout and which extra actions and traits to choose. He also goes over specific Job knowledge, tips on positioning and pre planning, and even touches on how to approach healing as a new player. To top it all off, he explains the mindset that you need to have when hea...</p>

The Feast 4v4 Beginners Guide (Patch 4.06)

Posted in Feast, News on Aug 12, 2017

Hello Everyone! Yesterday, Korihu Yanhu of the Aether data center put together a great guide for those of you who are new to, or looking to get into, the Feast 4v4 ranked solo queue. This is a great guide that will skim through the basics of the game, with a few beginner tips baked in that are sure to help increase the quality of your play.

The Pack Wolf’s Light Guide to Light Party

Posted in Feast, Outdated on Nov 09, 2016

Hello, my name is King Stefan, and this is my guide to succeeding in The Feast 4v4 (Light Party). This game mode is, in my opinion, and the opinion of the more hardcore FFXIV PVP scene, the platform to best display player vs player skill. It does not have the random factor of Solo Queue, nor the mob-tactics of Frontlines. It’s just you vs them...vs boxes.