August Adrenaline Rush TV

Posted in News on Aug 17, 2017

The Japanese version of "Culling Time" is called "Adrenaline Rush TV" and it is taking place early next week on the Anima server!

The Feast 4v4 Beginners Guide (Patch 4.06)

Posted in Feast, News on Aug 12, 2017

Hello Everyone! Yesterday, Korihu Yanhu of the Aether data center put together a great guide for those of you who are new to, or looking to get into, the Feast 4v4 ranked solo queue. This is a great guide that will skim through the basics of the game, with a few beginner tips baked in that are sure to help increase the quality of your play.

gamescom 2017 Feast Tournament

Posted in News on Aug 09, 2017

There will be an 8 team Feast Tournament at the gamescom 2017 trade fair for video games in Cologne, Germany. Read on for details!

Season 5 Begins!

Posted in News on Aug 06, 2017

Hopefully everyone has had ample training with the new PvP system because Season 5 is finally here! If you are unsure about getting into PvP, now is a great time to begin. The PvP system has been totally revamped and provides a dynamic experience every match.

The Feast: Season 5

Posted in News on Aug 02, 2017

Coming soon in the 4.06 patch will be the fifth season of The Feast and the first regular season after the Stormblood PvP redesign.

Culling Time Event: Primal

Posted in News on Jul 31, 2017

Have a level 30 character on the Behemoth server? If not, get to leveling so you can participate in the SE community event Culling Time!

4.05 Patch Notes

Posted in News on Jul 18, 2017

4.05 brings us our first set of PvP action changes in Stormblood. Warrior and healer buffs, DRK and SCH 'adjustments' and more. Read on for PvP action adjustments:

4.05 Live Letter: PvP Questions

Posted in News on Jul 15, 2017

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXVII PvP related content.

Introducing the Aether League

Posted in News on Jul 09, 2017

When cross server custom matches become available, Scyn and Mateo plan on running a Feast League here on the Aether datacenter. Slated for 4.1, we want to give everyone a heads up so they can form teams and practice.

Interview: "Pan-Pan"

Posted in News, Interview on Jun 16, 2017

The Best of Series wouldn't be complete without a member of the Japanese community. Due to the cultural differences in the west and east, this is a translated document by a third party for the conversation between Yunmi and a person who wants to be known as Pan-Pan. Also, note that Pan-Pan is a top player on all three of the JP datacenters. The interview gives some good insight from the other side of the globe. We hope you enjoy it!