4.05 Live Letter: PvP Questions

Posted in News on Jul 15, 2017

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXVII PvP related content.

Introducing the Aether League

Posted in Aether League, News on Jul 09, 2017

When cross server custom matches become available, Scyn and Mateo plan on running a Feast League here on the Aether datacenter. Slated for 4.1, we want to give everyone a heads up so they can form teams and practice.

Interview: "Pan-Pan"

Posted in Interview, News on Jun 16, 2017

The Best of Series wouldn't be complete without a member of the Japanese community. Due to the cultural differences in the west and east, this is a translated document by a third party for the conversation between Yunmi and a person who wants to be known as Pan-Pan. Also, note that Pan-Pan is a top player on all three of the JP datacenters. The interview gives some good insight from the other side of the globe. We hope you enjoy it!

Interview: A'oshane Taru

Posted in Interview, News on Jun 15, 2017

Chaos’ most dominating Feast player in Heavensward goes to A'oshane Taru. Taking the Lone Wolf Trophy home in Seasons 1 and 3; he also was near the top or atop the boards in seasons 2 and 4. He took some time from enjoying his final days of the Feast in Heavensward to answer some questions for us.

PvP Changes - 4.0 Patch Notes

Posted in News on Jun 15, 2017

<p>The patch notes for 4.0 came out just a few hours ago, and WOW, there are way more changes to PvP than we expected! Not only is there a full revamp to the combat system, but they've also removed several modes, made some horrible design choices, and a few good ones too. Let's get into it.</p> <p><img src="/storage/app/media/4.0%20patch%20news/chrome_2017-06-15_15-08-03.png" alt="" /></p> <p>First up, a small adjustment renaming the two feast modes, likely so that newer players can better distinguish which mode they should be queueing into.</p> <p><img src="/storage/app/media/4.0%20patch%20news/chrome_2017-06-15_15-08-14.png" alt="" /></p> <p>The level cap to be able to participate in PvP has been lowered to 30. Any character that has reached level 30 and has unlocked their job can queue up for AN...</p>

Interview: Straigus Reyist

Posted in Interview, News on Jun 15, 2017

Kicking off the 'Best of' Interview Series here at PvPaissa, one of the, if not the, top all around FFXIV PvP players on Aether, Straigus Reyist. He took some time to answer a few end of Heavensward Feast related questions.

Stormblood: WHM Sneak Peek

Posted in News on Jun 07, 2017

With just over a week to go until Stormblood's Early Access begins, the Square Enix team has released a sneak peek at the White Mage's PvP arsenal.

RIPPVP Events: Seize and Secure

Posted in News on May 26, 2017

Noxious Lotus of Goblin and Rest In Peace PVP are looking to host some Frontline events over the next few weekends leading up to Stormblood.

Stormblood PvP: Major Changes

Posted in News on May 22, 2017

The Letter from the Producer XXXVI took place with lots of new Stormblood information, including a preview of what is in store for PvP.

Aether Cup Tournament Recap

Posted in News on May 08, 2017

The second ever **Aether Cup**, organized by the PvP community, was excellent. This article provides a quick recap of the event.