Heavensward Warrior Burst Guide

Posted in Outdated on Mar 12, 2017

Warrior Burst Guide, Heavensward Edition.

The Preseason 4 Survival Guide (Patch 3.55a)

Posted in News, Outdated on Mar 03, 2017

This guide goes over the PvP changes that came with Patch 3.55a, and will give you some insight on how to approach Preseason 4! We've got a new map, some small balance changes, and an overhaul to the box system!

A PvP Guide to White Mage

Posted in Outdated on Feb 08, 2017

Bartleby Adrastos of the Excalibur server has written an in-depth guide to playing White Mage in PvP.

Changing Jobs, Abilities, and HUD

Posted in Outdated on Feb 07, 2017

Angelus Demonus wrote a quick guide on making a macro that changes your: Job, PvP Action Presets, and HUD Layout. Give it a read!

FFXIV Astrologian PvP Guide

Posted in Outdated on Jan 26, 2017

Thana created an Astrologian PvP guide in video form, check it out!

FFXIV PvP Healing Guide - The Basics & Getting Started

Posted in Outdated on Jan 26, 2017

The goal of this guide is to help newer healers to get started on, improve on and get comfortable with their healing in PvP as well as encourage them to try it out. I tried my best covering some of the topics that I feel like will help healers with less experience to get better.

The Feast: Box Control

Posted in Outdated on Dec 30, 2016

Box control could be the extra little bit of help your team needs to win the match. By controlling the adrenaline box spawns you can gain an extra limit break (or two!) over your enemy. The Wolf's Heart spawn during the middle of the match can either help you come back or snowball your lead.

Frontlines PvP Tips for Beginners

Posted in News, Outdated on Dec 30, 2016

MrHappy created a short Frontlines video with tips for new players.

The Pack Wolf’s Light Guide to Light Party

Posted in Feast, Outdated on Nov 09, 2016

Hello, my name is King Stefan, and this is my guide to succeeding in The Feast 4v4 (Light Party). This game mode is, in my opinion, and the opinion of the more hardcore FFXIV PVP scene, the platform to best display player vs player skill. It does not have the random factor of Solo Queue, nor the mob-tactics of Frontlines. It’s just you vs them...vs boxes.

What to Wear: Gearing for PvP

Posted in Outdated on Oct 27, 2016

Knowing how to properly gear yourself in PvP can give you and your team an edge. Starting with the basics, where to shop, how much accuracy you need, and is more vitality required; we will attempt to set you on your way to PvP glory.