FRC This Weekend & New Quick Chat Option

Posted in Feast, News on Sep 07, 2018

Ridrina, of the SE Community Team, posted a new blog entry that highlights the FRC2018 event this weekend. She also gave us a preview of some upcoming 4.4 features.

Official Schedule for Next Round of the FRC 2018

Posted in Feast, News on Aug 30, 2018

SE posted the schedule for the group play segment of The Feast Regional Championship 2018. It all begins on September 7, 2018.

Aether League: Season 2 Announced

Posted in Aether League, News on Aug 25, 2018

This evening, Scyn Sovereign announced that Aether League Season 2 will begin next month!

Light Party "Expedition": Crystal Tower

Posted in News on Aug 25, 2018

We held a round-robin exhibition event Friday night with a few of the teams who will be featured in the NA Semifinals Period and a few teams looking to try their hand at Light Party PvP.

Preliminary Round Results Announced

Posted in Feast, News on Aug 24, 2018

This morning SE announced the top three teams on both Aether and Primal. They also announced the top 6 teams on the Chaos data center.

Thunder Snake Cup Results

Posted in Feast, News on Aug 15, 2018

Team 究极自闭 won the Razer Thunder Snake Cup in the Chinese region.

Season 9 Rewards Announced

Posted in Feast, News on Aug 13, 2018

Season 9 rewards were announced.

Season 9 Begins August 14

Posted in News on Aug 10, 2018

Clement made a few announcements today regarding both the upcoming Solo Queue Season and when the next episode of 'The Wolves’ Den' will happen.

Feast Regional Championship 2018 August Update

Posted in News on Aug 02, 2018

Today, Ridrina from the SE Community Team posted a new blog with some details for the upcoming Feast Regional Championship. She announced participation rewards and also revealed who will be doing the live commentary.

Solo-Queue Champions (Lichenweed) Results

Posted in News on Jul 17, 2018

Our first Twitch event, Solo-Queue Champions (Lichenweed), took place Friday night with the following players being victorious: Brian Ricardo, Andre Duilio, Atchh Solo, and Nyano Purrsines.