Season 8 Information

Posted in Feast, News on May 29, 2018

Today the Feast Season 8 begins! The mount reward preview is up, as well as information on how short this season will be...

Season 7 Stat Compilation

Posted in Feast, News on May 24, 2018

Brian Ricardo and JoeG compiled some Feast job stats from season 7. Also, congrats to everyone on sticking through Season 7 and obtaining rewards!

Light Machinist Guide

Posted in Machinist, News on May 24, 2018

Interested in playing MCH in PvP? Lace has created a video guide that explains some basic dos and don't dos to help beginner MCHs in PvP (regardless of Feast or Frontlines).

Intentions Regarding the Patch 4.3 PvP Adjustments

Posted in News on May 20, 2018

Why were certain changes made in 4.3 you ask? Well, in a world first (not really) SE and their newfound communication with the PvP community has given us some insight into their decisions.

Preview of 4.3 Changes

Posted in News on May 17, 2018

SE community manager Zhexos posted a new blog entry today that outlines the upcoming PvP changes slated for 4.3.

Aether League Finals Highlight Reel

Posted in Aether League, News on May 07, 2018

Highlights of the Aether League Finals are now completed.

Season 7 Ending Soon

Posted in News on Apr 27, 2018

Season 7 ends at the end of May! Do your best to climb to top 100.

The Wolves' Den: Episode 4

Posted in Interview, News on Apr 12, 2018

One of the few content creators for FFXIV PvP, Thana Rah'Thazel, was featured in this episode of The Wolves' Den. Watch the community managers play some Feast on Chaos, shoutout the top players in Feast Season 7, and interview Thana.

Feast: Burst, Communication, and Opportunity

Posted in Feast, News on Mar 13, 2018

With chat having been removed for many seasons now, the community has had to get creative and come up with our own systems to communicate with our teammates.

Season 7 Reward and Start Date

Posted in News on Mar 08, 2018

The PvP community was not sure if the new season would start with the 4.25 patch, however today it was confirmed. Season 7 will commence on Tuesday, March 13, with Patch 4.25 and will introduce several action adjustments.