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Wolf Pups Den

FFXIV's new premier PVP community geared towards leveling up your game! Please remember that our aim in this discord is to help our fellow players improve! As a result, you may sometimes get DMs or mentions pointing out any mistakes you might have made and what you could have done to get better. This is not done maliciously (but do let us know if someone is being unnecessarily toxic)! We aim to help you and your fellow players improve, think of it like a classroom!

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Quick Chat

This discord is a pretty open, rule-lite community for anyone that plays FFXIV PvP. While off topic discuss is allowed and encouraged, the primary focus of this discord is to discuss FFXIV PvP, and we, as those who have created and support this discord, will support FFXIV PvP and it's community. Quick Chat is a place where we hope to continue to grow that community, with players that genuinely enjoy the game.

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The Braveheart Discord (named after the boat found in the wolves den) was created two years ago as an attempt to get together an old group of friends that were together during Season 1 and Season 2. We also hold community events through the season (such as Friday night fights). Primal is a very small Data Center when it comes to PvP and this is my attempt to help us grow together!

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