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Team Tryhard

Welcome to Team Tryhard! FFXIV's most active PvP community! Before you head out into the wilderness, take some time to read our rules! Our chats are split into Data Centers which you'll see on the left. If you are from Aether, you are not bound by Aether chat, get to know some Chaos and Primal users as well! We also have #questions for 100% PvP discussion, #off-topic for anything non-Final Fantasy, #games for gambling addicts & others!

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Wolf Pups Den

FFXIV's new premier PVP community geared towards leveling up your game! Please remember that our aim in this discord is to help our fellow players improve! As a result, you may sometimes get DMs or mentions pointing out any mistakes you might have made and what you could have done to get better. This is not done maliciously (but do let us know if someone is being unnecessarily toxic)! We aim to help you and your fellow players improve, think of it like a classroom!

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