AL Season 2 Finale Recap + Twitter

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Kaze created an Aether League Season 2 montage highlighting our community created league's final event. What was that at the end of the video, some sort of hint?

We also have a Twitter account for you to follow here:

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Aether League Season 2 Champions: bUrself

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Aether League Finals: Day One

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Day one of the Aether League Season 2 Finals was played last night.

Day One VODs

Fayie, Hurp, Kaze, and Eternal were on the mic last night bringing the Feast excitement that we enjoy. Here are the five matches played last night during day one:

Grand Finals

It all ends in a few hours, tune in tonight for the conclusion!

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Aether League: Season 2 Announced

by Marshal Renew on

This evening, Scyn Sovereign announced that Aether League Season 2 will begin next month!

I am excited to finally announce the start date for Season 2 of the Aether League. Most of you already know, but for those that do not, Aether League is a 6 week light party focused blood fest of fun. Teams duke it out all season long for a playoff spot we like to call the Aether League Finals.

Last season was a huge success and we want to build on that. Our goal this season is to not only create the best light party experience for the teams participating but to also stream it with the best production value as well. We are stepping it up on our end here so the viewers can feel like they are in the game. With exciting yet technical shoutcasters, to on screen team statistics, to intro videos for each team during the Finals. This is a league made by the players for the players.

The 2 weekends leading up to the Aether League will be light party scrim hosted nights. We do this so teams can form, practice, and improve. We encourage all participating teams to make these nights. If we get enough teams playing maybe we will even stream them as well

Aether League Season 2 will officially begin on SEPTEMBER 16TH, 2018

Teams can sign-up by visiting this link:

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Season 2 Results

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