Aether League Rules

Season 2

Rule I. Sportsmanship

Be kind and respectful to each other and your competitors. Healthy, competitive banter is encouraged, but personal attacks are not. Please keep things civil and raise any concerns to a league staff member.

Rule II. Third Party Programs

The use of 3rd party programs is strictly prohibited (Ex. ACT). You will be banned after the first offense from the current and future competitions.

Rule III. Rosters

Each team has a total number of up to 6 players, these rosters are locked once the season starts and cannot be changed until after that seasons split concludes.*

* - If you need a roster swap, please bring it up with a Head Admin (Frosty, Marshal, Mateo, Plus, and or Scyn) as soon as possible.

  • During weekly match-ups and post season play teams can swap players around in between games as they see fit just as long as they pick a player out of their 6 player roster.

Rule IV. Disputes

All disputes are to be handled by the league officiator for the match in question, if it cannot be settled between the teams + officiator it will be bubbled up to the appropriate league staff member.

  • All disputes must be brought up by a designated team captain.
  • Each team will have to assign 1 team captain to be their representative.

Rule V. Team Names

Names for teams cannot represent data centers or server names. Be original.

Rule VI. League Season

Each season concludes with a tournament. The season will last 6 weeks (2 match ups per week).

  • Week 1: September 18th - September 22nd
  • Week 2: September 23rd - September 29th
  • Week 3: September 30th - October 6th
  • Week 4: October 7th - October 13th
  • Week 5: October 14th - October 20th
  • Week 6: October 21st - October 27th
  • Aether League Finals: November 2nd - 3rd
  • Qualifying for a season's finals will solely rely on your team's record by the end of season.
  • Tie breakers will be as follows:
    • Team record vs. tied team
    • Strength of schedule

Rule VII. Map Selection

First map played will be The Crystal Tower. Both teams will lock-in their comps via private message to the league official prior to joining the party finder. Once team comps are locked the party finder will be created and the teams will play their first match.

The maps after game one will be selected by the team who has lost the previous game.

Following the map selection, the winner of the previous will select their team comp. That comp will be shown to the team who has lost the previous game. The losers at that point will lock in their comp for game 2.

Rule IIX. Match Details

First map played will be The Crystal Tower.

A match will consist of three games.

  • All three games will be played.
  • You earn 1 point per game win.
  • You earn 1 point for winning the match series.
  • A maximum of up to 4 points a match series can be earned.
  • Draws do not count and must be replayed.