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We are looking for:



Discord: @Aelysian#8625
IGN: (Adamantoise) Aelysian Avarice


(Aether) [LFM] [MC-HC] 6/8 - progging E2S

Current Roster:
Tank: (Open; pref DRK)
Tank: PLD (Leikye Taco)
Healer: AST (Scarlet Avarice)
Healer: WHM (Zeronis Ventrix)
DPS: DRG (Aelysian Avarice)
DPS: SAM (Panda Salto)
DPS: DNC (Yuei Rohini)
DPS: (Open to Casters; pref BLM/SMN)

- 3-5 sessions a week. Drafts are made on Wed prior to next week, Official schedules are put out on Sat/Sun.
- Session usually begins around 10:00-13:00/22:00-01:00 EST
- Sessions go for about 4-5 hours.
- I would definitely recommend flexible availability, since it's shift based.

Current Goals — World Racing:
EDEN (Savage)
Next Ultimate Raid.

Who we are:
We are Novus Posse, a relatively fresh adult team put together nearing the end of Stormblood. We're all humble and chill, tightly knit and quick learners. At times we do have fun and share laughs, but as we raid we do get competitive, serious and are sure to get our job done. We own up to our mistakes and can openly give each other constructive criticism to further ourselves at the appropriate time.
What we're looking for:We're currently looking for a *long-term* DPS caster and Tank with previous raid experience, who knows how to communicate, be punctual and is self-motivated on improving their job that isn't afraid of change. We're not looking for the best, but we want to see that you have the potential to grow with us too.

- Must have cleared E1S with familiar E2S experience (Currently progging).
- Having a positive attitude
- dank

If interested, please DM me your job and send a link to your fflogs.
- @Aelysian#8625