The Feast World Cup FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you guys an official tournament run by Final Fantasy XIV like the Feast Regional Championships?

A: No, The Feast World Cup is a community-run tournament hosted by PvPaissa.

Q: Do I need to make a character on all 3 data centers for the whole tournament?

A: No, you only need 1 character on the region you will be starting the tournament in. If your team qualifies for The Feast World Cup main event from the Regional Qualifiers, you will be given 2 weeks to make characters on other regional data centers. Specifically for Europe and Japan PvP teams that qualify for The Feast World Cup Main Event, they will only have to create 1 additional character on the Aether Datacenter if their teams qualify.

Q: Ping seems unfair for certain teams coming from certain regions, how will you balance this?

A: All games in The Feast World Cup main event are a best-of-3 (BO3) with the exception of the Grand Finals (BO5). For NA vs JP and NA vs EU match-ups, these matches will be played on each other’s respective data centers (ex. Game 1 played on Aether and Game 2 played on Chaos. Game 3 will be decided by a /random in-game where the team that rolls the highest number will have the game played on their home data center). For EU vs JP match-ups specifically--due to severe ping issues going both ways--we have decided it would be most fair for both teams to have all matches played on the North American Data Center (Aether).

Q: I want to participate in The Feast World Cup but I only have a character on Gaia / Elemental / Primal. How can I participate?

A: Data center selection for this tournament was thought out carefully and it was determined that Aether, Chaos and Mana are the most populated data centers for the majority of PvP players. If you want to participate in the tournament, you will have to create a character on one of these data centers.

Q: What are all the prizes I can potentially win?

A: For the Regional Qualifiers, 1st place team in each region will receive a free character or story boost of their choice for every member on their team.

For winning The Feast World Cup: Main Event, a Trophy and a minimum $2,000 USD + extra crowd-funded prize pool will be won by The Feast World Cup Winners.

Q: Is there a way for me to contribute to the prizes other than monetary means?

A: Yes! We are open to suggestions for all potential types of prizes. If you want to contribute through other means, please email us at

Q: My team and I want to participate but we can only make it certain days of the tournament. Is scheduling flexible?

A: Unfortunately, the dates for the tournament are set in stone, but the time within the scheduled day is flexible to change within the allocated time blocks. If there are time accomodations/restrictions you wish to request, please contact one of the Regional Representatives or Staff as soon as possible.

Q: Why is the format of “The Feast World Cup: Main Event - Group Stage” changed?

A: We changed the “2 Groups of 6 Teams” format to “4 Groups of 3 Teams” format to minimize the number of games that is needed to schedule by each team from 5 BO3 matches to 2 BO3 games per team. Since time zones significantly impact availability, we have decided to make this change.

Q: Why is Game 3 for NA vs EU and NA vs JP games decided by a /random in-game?

A: This was a tricky decision for us to make. Given our options, we could either decide the tie-breaker game through completely random means (i.e. /random, coin flip, etc.) or give the higher seeded team the home-data center advantage in the match-up (i.e. NA#1 vs EU#2, Game 3 would be played on NA because of higher seeding). However, the “advantage to higher seeding” method forces us to decide the tie-breaker matches with “completely random means” for equally-seeded team matches (NA#2 vs EU#2). After carefully weighing our options, we have decided that it would be best to let “/random” in-game decide the datacenter of choice for game 3 for only NA vs EU and NA vs JP matches, ONLY IF the series reaches to a game 3 in a BO3, or a game 5 in a BO5. Keep in mind that EU vs JP matches are all played on the Aether Data Center, regardless of reaching a tie-breaker game or not.

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